Thursday, July 28, 2016

Beauty ¦ Cohorted beauty - July

I apologise for how late this post is however Drugstore week took up all of my time and I never got round to actually writing this post. Despite the fact that this is super late I thought I would still talk to you about what was in this months Cohorted box as I know I really enjoyed looking through all these posts when I was thinking about signing up. I have actually decided to cancel mine this month as I'm currently saving up for Iceland and I spend enough money without £35 coming out of my account automatically every single month. However once I've got the money together for that trip I'm going to sign up again as I do think it is well worth the money. So without further ado lets get onto the contents of this months box!

So starting off we have the few samples first off we have a 31ml Nars Monoi body oil which smells so beautiful and feels incredible on the skin. We also have a little Bobbi brown cleansing oil which is a really lovely makeup remover. It removes even waterproof mascara which is something that I look for in a cleansing oil. It leaves the skin looking really clean and nice and plump. It also leaves it feeling very hydrated and not at all stripped of all the natural oils like some cleansers can.
Moving on to the full size items we have the Vintage cosmetics company Blending sponge I am so impressed with this, I've actually had to chuck out my beauty blender as it went really gross so I was happy to have something to replace it with. A lot of the sponges that I have tried don't soak up the water like the Beauty blender does however this is so similar and it is a fraction of the price. I think my favourite product out of this months box was definitely the High definition beauty Sculpt and glow palette I've been using this one a lot. The contour is a really good shade for pale skin and the highlight is the most stunning Duo chrome peach and pink. The creams blend so nicely into the skin and leave a very natural looking contour.
Finally in the box we have the Bella Pierre lip liner in Cinnamon and the Bella Pierre lipstick in Envy. I really like these two they give that perfect nineties dark browny nude lip. The lip liner is incredibly creamy and glides onto the lips. I find a lot of liners can drag however this one doesn't at all. The lipstick is incredibly creamy and feels very comfortable to wear however I do feel like it moves around quite a lot and I find I have to very careful or else it ends up all over my face.
Overall I was really happy with this months box and I'd highly recommend it if you are looking for a box that's a little more high-end  

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  1. Love the lip liner been looking for a shade like that, may have to try it out! The selection of products is so nice :)

    Lotte |


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