Monday, June 30, 2014

June Favourites

This month has been quite a minimal makeup month compared to usual. It's pretty much just been a little foundation, concealer, eyebrows, bronzer, mascara and sometimes a little lipstick so it's not the most exciting favourites ever.

Lush Bubblegum lip scrub

With the fact I've been wearing minimal makeup my lips have been the focus of my face most days so I've been using this constantly. I really love the way it smells and tastes!

Max factor False lash effect waterproof 

I love this mascara not quite as much as Benefit they're real but for about £8 cheaper I really love it. It does a nice job of both lengthening and adding volume. It's just a nice all rounder really. 

L'oreal Glam bronze in 06 Golden bronze 

I've been a little obsessed with bronzer this month and this one is really lovely. I won't witter on to much as I mentioned it in my summer edit post //Here//

Bourjois Healthy mix serum

This is another product I mentioned in my summer edit. I am so in love with it. It leaves my skin so dewy but it keeps oil and greasy shine at bay whilst letting my actual skin shine through. 

Gosh lipstick in Yours forever*

This is the most amazing summer colour. It is so bright and I really love it. The formula is really lovely, it glides onto the lips and is really nice and moisturizing.

Rimmel Rita ora 60 seconds polish in Orangasm

This is the perfect summer shade. It does take 3 coats but I really like the way it looks on the nails. It really compliments a tan too. The only problem I have with it is the fact that it stains the nails really badly. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Argan Dew Hair mask and oil review.

A couple of moths ago I was sent a huge lot of samples from argan dew, I've only just got round to using them in the past month and I have to say I'm very impressed. 

Argan Dew Replenishing hair mask* $44.00 //Here//

I am so impressed with this it leaves my hair so soft without weighing it down. It is really nice for an overnight treatment but also works just as well when left on for 10 minutes in the shower. It smells really nice but not to overpowering. The consistency is very similar to a normal conditioner rather than a very thick hair mask. I've been using this about once a week and I've seen a huge improvement in the look and feel of my hair. I've found that it looks a lot healthier and smoother. 

Argan Dew Miraculous oil* $39.00 //Here//

I think this is my favourite product out of the two, I've never used an oil that's so light but does such a good job. I've been using this everytime I wash my hair and the amount it has reduced frizz is crazy. I've always had trouble as my hair is naturally very frizzy and this has really tamed it. Again it smells amazing. It also leaves my hair so shiny and glossy and in general makes it look so healthy. 

UK shipping is $8.00 so it's not cheap but I do really like these products and I highly recommend you give them a go if you have trouble with frizzy un-tameable hair. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

The summer beauty edit.

Today I thought I would share my new little summer routine with you. These are some products I have been using on a day to day basis this summer. 

The primer - Benefit Porefessional 

This primer is pretty darn fabulous, I wasn't that impressed with it when I first got it but now I am in love with it. It really helps keep my foundation on and I see a huge reduction in the size of my pores. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative the l'oreal magic blur cream is lovely 

The dewy foundation - Bourjois Healthy mix serum

Why it took me so long to jump on the bourjois foundation bandwagon I will never know. This foundation sits so nicely on the skin. It keeps oil under control but still looks fresh and natural on the skin. I also find it doesn't cling to any dry patches or settle into any creases on your face. 

The bronzer - L'oreal Glam bronze in 06 Golden bronze 

I can't remember who I saw mention this but i'm really glad I picked it up. I think it may have a shimmer-y overcoat on it (Can someone tell me why brands do this?) but it doesn't translate onto the skin. I really like the colour, it's not to orange-y or to ashy. 

The cream blush - Topshop Blush in Morning dew 

I love the topshop cream blushes, they blend beautifully into the skin and look so natural. This one is a very bright pink but once blended in it leaves a subtle flush on the cheeks. These last for such a long time I just love them so much! 

The highlighter - Beauty uk Baked blush in Halo 

I've heard this is a dupe for the Mac msf's, but I haven't tried them so I can't comment on that but what I can tell you is that I absolutely love this. It's a gorgeous pinky shimmer-y highlight. This just catches the sun so nicely and I really love it. 

The waterproof mascara - Benefit They're real 

This really is Holy grail for me I just wish it wasn't so pricey. This literally goes nowhere I have to do a double cleanse with a balm to get it off. It's just so perfect for summer, I could imagine even if you went in the sea it would stay put! If any off you know of any dupes let me know.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The makeup collection - Palettes

Since posting my makeup collection //Here// a few people have asked me to do various posts showing you different parts of my makeup collection. Since that post I have actually moved my makeup collection and taken my palettes out of the drawers as they were taking up to much space. I now keep them in a wicker basket on top of my muji drawers. 

In here I keep a mix of eye and cheek palettes.

Nyc individual eyes palettes in Midtown mauve and smokey blues. 

Urban decay naked basics palette.

Sarah G cosmetics Precious jewels eyeshadow palette.

Sleek Pink lemonade Blush by 3 

 FashionistA build your own blush palette Top left - Rose thrill Top right - Butterscotch Bottom left - Juicy apricot Bottom right - New York

Benefit Sugarlicious Nude lip and cheek kit.  (The gloss is in with my lipsticks)

H&M Smoky brown eyeshadows.

Urban decay Naked 1 

Sleek showstoppers palette.

Sleek Vintage romance palette.

So I really hope you enjoyed this post, what would you like to see next? 

Friday, June 20, 2014

An Ikea haul.

I love Ikea, so when I go I always end up buying so much stuff! 

I picked up another of the famous white plant, I have my eye brushes in a little one so I picked up a big one for my face brushes. I paid £2.00 for it. 

I have been wanting to replace the pot that I keep my mascara's and eyeliners in for a while and this was perfect, oh and did I mention it was only 50p!

I saw someone with one of these filled with nail polishes and I love the way it looked this is huge I think I managed to fir about 25 nail polishes in it, it was £2.00

I picked up a couple of the 95p candles as they are a bargain, don't get me wrong they don't smell half as strong as yankee's but for 95p I can't really complain.

This little dish is so cute and I've popped my rings in it. It was £2.25.

This was originally to put the candles in to make them look a little nicer but I ended up putting my chubby lip crayons in it, but I think I may use it for my most reached for lip products. This was £1.50.  

I have been looking for some really simple bedding and this one caught my eye and then I realized it was only £4.00! Double Jackpot.  

 I picked this up as it is so similar to the bedding, and it was only £1.00.

I wasn't really sure what I was going to do with these but I really liked them, I have put all my bobby pins and hair ties in them. They were £1.95 for a set of 4. 

These were the first thing we saw when we walked in and I love them, everyone on instagram has the white one so I decided to be different and go for the black one. This was £2.00.

Finally I picked up this to put my yankee wax tarts in it. This was 85p!

So guys that's my Ikea haul. What would you use all these jars for? 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

To read #1

John Green - An abundance of Katherines

I read The fault in our stars and I was so captivated I had to read some more of john green's books. I'm about 6 chapters in now and it's really picked up it's pace

Kim Edwards - The memory keepers daughter

I'm really excited to start this on my Nana read it and she said how amazing it was. 

Jane Elliot - The little prisoner

From reading the blurb of this one it sounds fantastic, I love books were peoples life turn around.

Cecilia Ahern - Thanks for the memories 

I loved PS, I love you so I can't wait to get into this one! 

I hope you like this post, I'm thinking of doing one of these about twice a month and updating you when I have read them! 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

From the archives - Pick up your tools.

Thinking about the fact that I once managed to apply my make up with those sponge eyeshadow applicators and my hands fills me full of dread these days. So today I thought I;d show you some of my favourite tools. 

Vintage cosmetic company Eyelash curlers

I won these in a giveaway early last year and I really like them, they work well and are nice and sturdy. 

The body shop Eyeshadow brush

This works for both all over the lid and highlighting, but I prefer it for highlighting as it just fits along my brow bone perfectly. 

Eco tools Eyeshadow blending brush

This is such a lovely brush, Eco tools brushes are really nice quality and they wash so well. 

Eco tools Blusher brush

For me this is the perfect size and shape for blusher, as I said about the blending brush it's really high quality and washes perfectly. 

Real techniques Buffing brush

So many bloggers love this brush and so do I, I can't pinpoint exactly what I love about this brush I just love everything! 

So guys that is a quick rundown of some of my favourite tools! 

Cole Xo 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Little Beauty haul.

The offers in boots always get me, the first thing I picked up was the Bourjois healthy mix serum as it had £3.00 off. So far I quite like it, it seems to stick around for plenty of time and has a lovely dewy finish. The next thinks I got were from L'oreal. First off I got the glam bronze in 06, it's a really nice bronzer and it isn't too orange. Then I got the Lumi magique concealer as I have heard so much about it so far i'm not sure on this one. I like it but I'm not sure it's got enough coverage for me. Finally from L'oreal I got the nude magique blur cream, this is quite similar to benefit porefessional and so far i'm pretty impressed.

I then popped into Topshop as I had a voucher from Grazia magazine, I also got a pair of jeans and a top but I decided I would get this gorgeous trio called Nebula. I am completely in love with this, the gold-y green shadow is definitely my favourite. 

The final thing I bought was the body shop camomile cleansing butter, which I am loving at the moment. This even gets off benefit they're real mascara which impresses me a lot. 

So that's everything I bought, I really hope you enjoyed this post. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The pinky nude lip.

As much as I love my bright lips sometimes I do like to take a walk on the slightly nude-r side of pink. I am not in any way suggesting this is a nude as to some people would find this to bright. This combination came about when I was trying to find something to tone down Mac creme cup (£15.00) a little, as I find that it is sometimes a little to pale but bright. I received a parcel from Sarah G cosmetics and I knew that I could darken up the lipstick with the Rosewood pencil* (which doesn't seem to be on the website any more but any brown-y pink lip liner will do) and then make it a little more pink with the pink cream shine lipgloss* (£8.00) I have fallen in love with this combination of products and I've been wearing it a lot. 

You can buy Sarah G cosmetics //Here//

I was sent these products after winning a giveaway on the Sarah G cosmetics instagram. All opinions are my own and I am not being paid to talk about the products. 

Friday, June 06, 2014

Barry M lip paint in 151

I have come to the conclusion that my obsession with coral/orange lips is boarder line obsessive. I just love them and this is lipstick is no different. I wasn't sure about this as I hadn't really heard much about this line of lipsticks but I decided to bite the bullet and try one and I'm so glad I did. This has the most gorgeous creamy formula and feels really hydrating on the lips. The colour is really beautiful, it's quite a red toned orange and is a lot more wearable than some of the oranges I've been picking up recently. The colour is also a lot sheerer on the lips than in the swatch but I really like that. This is most definitely the orange for people who aren't scared of bright colours but are scared of orange! 

What's your favourite orange/coral lipstick? 

Cole Xo 

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Worth the hype? L'oreal true match foundation.

I love this but it was not what I expected. So many people say that the coverage of this foundation is amazing but I found it to be average. Although this foundation is not average. I love the way it blends into the skin, the finish, the lasting power and now I'm getting used to a little lighter base the coverage. This one has really lived up to the hype for me. It leaves the skin looking fresh and dewy yet it still manages to control oil and avoid clinging to dry patches. I'm still on the look out for the perfect foundation, but for now I'm perfectly happy with this one! 

Monday, June 02, 2014

The I'm back Giveaway with TA shops

Today I have a super exciting post from you. I'm offering you the chance to win a gorgeous piece of clothing from Ta shops. 

I really hope you enjoy this giveaway. The mandatory entries are to like Tashops on Facebook, follow me on bloglovin or Gfc and Register on the Ta shops website. 

Please make sure if you are still living with your parents you have permission to give out your address, any giveaway accounts will be deleted and I will be checking. 

There will be one winner and they will be able to choose and item of the website //Here//

                                                              a Rafflecopter giveaway

I really hope you like this giveaway and are all having a fabulous day!

OOTD - Blue and polka dots

This skirt keeps making lots of appearances in my ootd's lately but I really love it. I am also in love with this new top, its such a lovely colour and I really like the length and the fit. 

Top - Topshop 
Skirt - H&M
Shoes and Sunglasses - Primark 
Bracelet - A little shop in the isle of wight 
Nails - Barry M textured nail polish in Ridley road 
Lips - Topshop Rio Rio 
Eyes - Mac Bare study paint pot and the champagne colour from the sleek showstoppers palette