Friday, June 27, 2014

The summer beauty edit.

Today I thought I would share my new little summer routine with you. These are some products I have been using on a day to day basis this summer. 

The primer - Benefit Porefessional 

This primer is pretty darn fabulous, I wasn't that impressed with it when I first got it but now I am in love with it. It really helps keep my foundation on and I see a huge reduction in the size of my pores. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative the l'oreal magic blur cream is lovely 

The dewy foundation - Bourjois Healthy mix serum

Why it took me so long to jump on the bourjois foundation bandwagon I will never know. This foundation sits so nicely on the skin. It keeps oil under control but still looks fresh and natural on the skin. I also find it doesn't cling to any dry patches or settle into any creases on your face. 

The bronzer - L'oreal Glam bronze in 06 Golden bronze 

I can't remember who I saw mention this but i'm really glad I picked it up. I think it may have a shimmer-y overcoat on it (Can someone tell me why brands do this?) but it doesn't translate onto the skin. I really like the colour, it's not to orange-y or to ashy. 

The cream blush - Topshop Blush in Morning dew 

I love the topshop cream blushes, they blend beautifully into the skin and look so natural. This one is a very bright pink but once blended in it leaves a subtle flush on the cheeks. These last for such a long time I just love them so much! 

The highlighter - Beauty uk Baked blush in Halo 

I've heard this is a dupe for the Mac msf's, but I haven't tried them so I can't comment on that but what I can tell you is that I absolutely love this. It's a gorgeous pinky shimmer-y highlight. This just catches the sun so nicely and I really love it. 

The waterproof mascara - Benefit They're real 

This really is Holy grail for me I just wish it wasn't so pricey. This literally goes nowhere I have to do a double cleanse with a balm to get it off. It's just so perfect for summer, I could imagine even if you went in the sea it would stay put! If any off you know of any dupes let me know.


  1. I've heard great things about that bronzer, definitely going to need to give it a swatch next time I find myself in boots!

    Sam xo

  2. I love the colour of that Topshop cream blush - I've been looking for one similar recently, I may just have to check it out myself! : )

    Amy at The Girl In The Bowler Hat

  3. I love every one of these products haha! this is a lovely summer face! May try it out when I get home :)


  4. I really want to try the Borjous foundation but I am clueless on which shade to buy for my skin and I don't want to waste the money!x

  5. Great post and lovely photos!

  6. The Bourjois foundation is one of my favourites! I just didn't get on with They're Real! at all which really annoys me as so many people love it, I so want to like it too!
    Bonjour Emily

  7. Lovely post! I love Bourjous healthy mix!
    xprincessjas | xx

  8. The Bourjois foundation is lovely.

  9. When I got the Theyre Real mascara sample, it was the only mascara I used. Love that mascara I wish it it wasn't expensive too.


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