Tuesday, August 14, 2018

An Anastasia haul and review

Today I thought I'd share with you a little Anastasia Beverly Hills haul. On International lipstick day Anastasia had an offer on where you could get buy one get one free lip products so I felt it would be silly not to take advantage especially as I wanted to pick up the Norvina palette anyway. 

First off the liquid lips, I went for Violet which is the new release alongside the palette. It is a stunning deep neutral purple. Meaning it doesn't lean too red or too blue. The other shade I picked up was Pure Hollywood which seems to be a cult shade. I expected it to be a milkshake pink shade however on me it pulls a little cool meaning it compliments the Norvina palette so well. In terms of formula these are definitely on the drier side, due to them being super lightweight on the lips but still opaque enough. I find one dip into the bottle covers both the lips even with Violet. 

In terms of wear time I didn't;t really know what to expect however I am so impressed. Once you put these on they aren't going anywhere. Throughout the day they do become a teeny little bit dry feeling on the lips however considering how long they wear for it's only to be expected. I find I can get a good 7 hours out of these with only reapplying a tiny bit after I've eaten to cover up the inner rim of my lips. 

Moving onto the palette, I have to admit I feel as though this palette is missing a few shades however I do still enjoy using it and I have been happy with most of the looks I've created with it. The first couple of looks I did turned out a little muddy however now I'm used to the shades I don't have as much trouble with it. I have to admit its not a palette I would recommend for beginners like I would with soft glam or modern renaissance. Don't get me wrong it isn't as hard to work with as subculture but I just find I have to be a little more careful and it isn't one I'd reach for when I had only a little time do makeup. 

I think that this palette could definitely do with a warmer purple red shade just so there is something a little deeper to add some depth to the looks. I really like the formula of these, as always with ABH shadows they do have quite bit of fallout however not as much as subculture. I do find one of the shimmery shades tends to have some glitter fallout on the face but I'm not 1000% sure which one it is. Im pretty sure it's Drama which is the darkest shimmer however I cannot guarantee it is. 

Moving onto the shades in the palette.. 

Dreamer - This is such a beautiful duo chrome pinky orange shade. I really like this pop of warm which can be added to the inner corner just to ground a cool purple look a little. 

Summer - This one is a medium copper/gold shade which makes a beautiful lid colour. 

Wild Child - This is most definitely my favourite shade in the palette. You will know if you are a regular to my blog I love a good pink shade so I'm not surprised at all that I love this shade. 

Rose gold - This one definitely does as it says in the tin, it's a pinky gold shade. 

Celestial - The first of the purples in the palette. This one is so stunning on the lid however I find to do this I have to reach for other palettes in order to create a full look. 

Dazzling - This shade is pretty much a mix of summer and rose gold so I feel like it's definitely one of the shades in the palette I'd change. I'd love it to be a gorgeous duo chrome lavender pink. 

Drama - As I mentioned before I think Drama is the culprit of the glitter fallout on my face. It's a deep purple shimmer which looks really pretty packed onto the outer corner to deepen a look however I almost wish it was a little deeper. 

Base - This shade is just a good all rounder, it sets the lid and provides a shade as almost a transition for the transition shade. 

Soul - This is the shade that initially drew me to the palette however I feel like I'm not really 100% on what to do with it. It looks beautiful as the deeper shade for a halo eye however I find I want to reach for shades from other palettes for the middle. I do really like this shade I just feel it needs more purple shades to work with. 

Incense - This is your standard warm brown and a shade I just don't really reach for. I just feels like its very similar to eccentric which I like just a touch more as its warmer in tone.

Love - This shade is my second favourite (Again the pink obsession continues) out of all the mattes I find this one has the most pigment and is the best shade to use as a transition especially when working with the purples. 

Volatile - This one is a cooler toned matte brown shade, this is good as a crease shade when I work with the more neutral shades in the palette. 

Eccentric - As I mentioned this is the warmer of the two medium browns in the palette. This is the one I tend to reach for as I prefer a warmer eye look. Again though this is one I only use when using the more neutral shades. 

Passion - This is the deepest shade in the palette, I would describe it as a cool toned Burgundy shade which is nice to deepen however I feel like for me I would prefer is if it was deeper and more red toned to offset the cool purples. 

Overall I do really like this palette and the quality is great however its not one I would recommend for beginners as it can tend to all get a bit muddy. I have to admit I expected purples and pinks from Norvina however I did expect it to be a purple palette not a neutral palette with three pops of purple. I do hope ABH go on to release a fully purple palette in the future. 

I'd love to know what you think of this palette. 

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Hyped products that we've forgotten about.

I thought today I'd chat through some products which used to be all over the blogosphere but sort of dropped off the radar. I thought I'd talk through how I feel about them and whether my opinions have changed on any of the products. So without further ado lets get into it. 

Giorgio Armani Luminous silk was so hyped up it was ridiculous. I have to admit this isn't one I've ever liked. I find it is very patchy on my skin, it clings to dry patches and just doesn't look as luminous as I feel like it should. There was so many positive reviews of this product but for me the wear and the finish were just not what I wanted especially for the price. The other base product I wanted to mention is the Bourjois CC cream, this was everywhere. I actually bought a shade far too dark so I can only use this when I have fresh tan on. That being said this product is so gorgeous. It look so glowy and dewy on the skin, it is the perfect summer base product for anyone with dry skin. 

The Naked concealer is something I still really love. I feel like this one was overtaken by the taste shape tape however I am yet to try that and am still obsessed with this concealer. It isn't the highest coverage in the world however I find its enough for me and doesn't cling to any of the dry bits on my face. The Jeffree star Skin frost got a lot of hype when they were first released however I feel like it has definitely died down. I have a couple of shades and I like them but they aren't a product I reach for all the time. I feel lie across the range of these highlights there are a lot of inconsistencies. Some are so incredibly beautiful and highlighting whereas some are super chunky and glittery. I know a lot of people also have a lot of trouble with the pans sealing.

The body shop honey bronzer did the rounds due to it's diverse shade range. I found that the range didn't go deep enough however for the paler and medium skin tones there was a great shade. I actually picked up the second shade and for me I love it on a very subtle makeup day however for me, as someone who loves a deeper bronzer it just doesn't pack enough punch for me. I really enjoy it but it isn't one I reach for regularly as it isn't dark enough for me most of the time. It would still be amazing for people who are super fair and don't love a deep bronzer. 

I feel like Rimmel Santa rose is definitely the oldest hyped product in this post. I love this blush it is a staple in my collection and is something I have pretty much almost always had. It is the prettiest pinky peach shade with a golden sheen to it. I feel like this no longer gets the credit it deserves which is such a shame as it is so beautiful. Next up I wanted to mention the Makeup geek eyeshadows. I still adore my makeup geek eyeshadow palettes but I have to admit I don't use them as much as I should. another product I still love is the Kiko Eyeshadow sticks. When Kiko first came to the UK I was so excited and bought so many of these. I still love them, they're beautiful, shimmery and something I love when I need something super quick and cute. 

The final product I wanted to mention is the Bourjois Rouge edition velvets. These where everywhere, everyone loved them and then all of a sudden they just dropped off the radar. They are very comfortable on the lips but don't completely dry down meaning I don't reach for them as I personally prefer a matte liquid lip that dries down completely. These are a nice product but not one that I reach for often. 

So that's it for today, what products do you feel lie have dropped of the blogging radar? 

Sunday, August 05, 2018

Why I love blush and you should to

I feel like blush is a super controversial thing in the blogging community, some people love it, some people hate it. I personally love it and I wanted to talk about a few of my favourites and why I love it so much. 

For me blush gives me such a healthy look, being super pale I feel like it really adds something, however I feel like blush looks beautiful on any skin tone. Without it I feel completely flat faced and 2D. I feel like a little shimmer in a blush helps even further to make the skin healthy however I am very careful with shimmery blush as it can go too far and be sparkly. I do tend to prefer a higher end blush, that being said there are a few gems from the drugstore. So without further ado lets get into my favourites. 

Starting off with the more affordable, I love Milani luminoso which is a beautiful shimmery peachy shade. I need to try more shades from this range as I love how glowy and healthy they look on the skin. I actually also love the Essence matte and satin blushes. They're such high quality for the price and come in a really nice range of shades, nothing too out there but a nice range for everyday. Moving onto the higher end products the Clinique cheek pops are absolutely beautiful, the shade above is Berry pop which is a beautiful deep pink shade. These feel slightly creamy yet apply like a powder. I also love the pressing in the pan. I mean who would not want a blush in the shape of a daisy. This is another one I need to buy more shades of. 

Benefit blushes are always beautiful but my favourite currently is gold rush which is a beautiful peach with a quite heavy gold sheen. This for me is the perfect everyday luminous blush which just makes you look so healthy. It also an amazing blush for a super heavy eye look if you don't want anything to clash. The Mac blushes are a classic and a staple for many. Fleur power is a really pretty medium pink shade. I love the fact Mac blushes aren't too pigmented so they are a little harder to go overboard with. I just thing this shade is a really lovely classic blush shade. Finally I wanted to mention Urban decay's Afterglow blushes, the shade above is indecent which is a gorgeous muted neon peach. Again this is another shade thats amazing to go with a super heavy eye look. 

Gold rush, Luminoso, Indecent, Berry pop, Fleur power

So that's it for today I'd love to know how you all feel about blush and if you love it what is your favourite. 

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The evolution of the Pinky neutral

I feel like the pink toned palette has come so far in the past couple of years. To think that Anastasia Modern renaissance kicked off a trend I am now so obsessed with.   

Starting off with the original, Anastasia Modern renaissance is still one of my go too palettes. I really wish all the Anastasia palettes had this formula. the shadows don't have too much fallout but are still incredibly pigmented. I love the fact this palette has a mix of the warmer orange shades and pink shades. It's definitely the least pink of all the palettes I wanted to mention. 

Lime crime Venus XL is the perfect slightly deeper pink toned palette. It doesn't have as many of the bright pink shades it leans a little more on the Burgundy side of things. It does have a couple of bright pink peachy shades which make gorgeous transition shades to add a little pop of colour to the look.

Violet Voss Holy grail is such a gorgeous palette. I adore the Violet Voss shimmer formula. They're so creamy and pigmented and just look amazing and foiled on the lids. I feel like this palette is a good mix, again like modern renaissance it has enough of the warm brown shades to make it a neutral palette. If you want to give a pink based neutral palette with plenty of shimmer I would definitely recommend this one.

Out of all four of today's palettes this is the brightest, I absolutely love the purple shades and the true red is absolutely stunning. Out of all of the Jeffree star palettes (I have all four) this one is definitely my favourite of the four formula wise. The mattes blend beautifully and the shimmers are so intense I absolutely love the formula. 

So that's my round up of the pinky neutral palettes in my collection, I'd love the know how you feel about pinky neutral palettes. 

Sunday, July 22, 2018

The Vegan Rainbow palette - Certifeye Tropical wonders

I have been really getting into my bright eyeshadows recently so when I saw this palette everywhere I knew that I wanted it. This palette contains 15 matte shades which pretty much cover all the colours on the spectrum. I was initially a little concerned about the lack of a peachy transition shade (not that I'm stuck in my ways or anything) however I've been really enjoying mixing up my transition shades a little. 

I have to say my favourite shades out of the palette are the two red shades - they are so beautiful and don't blend out into more of a pink shade like so many other red shadows do. These shadows all have such stunning pigmentation however it does mean there is quite a bit of fallout with them so it's definitely a palette to use before foundation. 

Comparing this to the NYX Ultimate brights palette - another bright palette I love it is definitely much more concentrated pigment wise so its amazing for super vibrant rainbow looks. That being said the NYX palette is definitely slightly easier to work with and is one I'd perhaps suggest for people who are getting into rainbow shades. Whereas this certifeye palette definitely requires someone who loves a bold look and knows what they are doing with bright shadows. 

Packaging wise I love the design on the front but I do wish that it was in either plastic or a sturdier cardboard casing. I find it a little flimsy and although the magnets are really nice and strong I've found the packaging gets bashed about so easily. I do think these shadows need a primer to make them really pop and reduce any fading but for me this isn't an issue as I would never use shadow without primer underneath.

The palette is fully vegan and cruelty free which is something I always like to hear, this leaves me even more impressed with the red shades as they don't contain any carmine. Overall I really really love this palette and I would definitely recommend it for anyone who is looking for a gorgeous rainbow palette. I'm very excited to give more palettes from Certifeye the new one they've just sneak peaked looks amazing. 

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Where have I been - new hair and a little life update

It's been a while, involuntary however. I sent my laptop off for a repair of the down key as it stopped working. It took them two months and it is not fixed as apparently the damage is due to water damage so to say I'm not best pleased is an understatement. Hence the lack of posts as I've had nothing to write them on. It doesn't help I'm also currently working two jobs so I am going to have to cut down how much I'm posting. I have to say I've really missed writing and I am so glad to be back at it. 

In other news I have new hair, me and my hairdresser are working on getting it to a bright pink into a baby pink however we are working on toning down the red. Hopefully at the start of august I will be going fully pink into a more baby pink ombre. I am so excited about my new hair. In other news I finished my first year of uni with a 2:1 which considering everything thats happened over the past year is pretty impressive. Finally I've been really investing my time in my instagram and I've been creating so many makeup looks. I'm also getting ready to relaunch my youtube channel which I am very excited about now I have my laptop back. 

So that's it, I'd love to know what you've been up to recently and I am hoping you look forward to some new posts from me. 

Sunday, June 03, 2018

New In - Skincare

I've gone a little skincare made recently and picked up quite a lot of new additions to my routine. Today I thought I would show you a couple of them and talk them through with you. These are the first couple of bits I picked up in March but expect another post in the near future about the rest of the new additions to my skincare routine. 

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Lime crime Venus XL - The ultimate pinky red palette?

Lime crime isn't a brand I have tried much from however when I saw the first sneak peaks of this palette I knew I had to have it.. If I had to describe this palette in one phrase I would say it's like Modern Renaissance but on steroids. I feel like this really is the perfect palette for anyone who loves pink shades and perfect for people like me with Blue eyes as all the colours make my eye colour pop! 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Anastasia Soft glam - Review, shade breakdown and swatches.

I figured it was about time I reviewed this palette. I have been obsessed with this palette recently and pretty much using it on a daily basis. I feel like this is the first proper neutral palette from Anastasia which I was incredibly excited about, I feel like a lot of people wanted something different but I just think everyone needs a good basic neutral palette. 

I love a good shimmer shade as much as the next person however I do like a palette with more mattes than shimmer shades so the mix of eight mattes to four shimmers is a brilliant one for me. The shimmers are incredibly pigmented and have an almost foiled effect to them. As with the modern renaissance the matte shades are so stunning, blending like a dream. I feel like this palette is so versatile, you can go for a super smokey look, stick with something natural or go super glam and do a metallic on the lid. So onto the shades. 

Tempera - A. very slightly satin cream shade perfect for brow bone and inner corner. 
Glistening - The first of the three gold shades in the palette. This one is much more like a normal shimmer shade than some of the others in the palette, but never the less it is still beautiful. 
Orange soda - For me this shade is the perfect transition shade as its a couple of shades darker than my natural skin tone. 
Rose pink - This is the first of the three more metallic shades. The name is incredibly fitting as it is simply a medium rose pink shade. This one is so beautifully metallic and one I reach for a lot. 
Sultry - A deeper bronzer metallic which looks so incredible on the lid when I do a super smokey eye with this palette. 
Bronze - Bronze is more of a gold shade. It is the deepest of all three golds in the palette and looks so incredible and metallic especially when used wet. 
Mulberry - A super deep matte burgundy shade. I wasn't sure how this would blend however it is so easy to blend and perfect for a super blown out reddy smokey eye. 

Dusty rose - This one is another great transition if you want something a little more purple in the crease. I love the addition of this shade into the palette as it offers a little bit more of a cool tone into the palette. 
Fairy - The third and final gold shade this is the lightest of the three and is more yellow toned than glistening which is more of a champagne. 
Burnt orange - If you have deeper skin this would make an amazing transition. If I blend it well enough it does work as a transition for me however I definitely prefer orange soda for my skin tone. 
Sienna - This for me is the one I reach for to initial start to deepen my crease. It's a very red toned brown. It blends beautifully like all the other mattes and pairs really well with Mulberry. 
Rustic - I feel like this is a standard warm brown shade. It makes a great crease shade and is just a good basic shade to have in a palette. 
Cyprus umber - A deeper brown matte shade, I love to use this one to deepen up any looks. 
Noir - A pure black shade which I have to say is absolutely incredible. Its so deep and doesn't grey out when I blend it which is the main thing I want in a black shadow. 

So that's it for today, I'd love to know what you think about this palette! 

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

This month I loved, 04

I am aware it hasn't been that long since I posted my March favourites however I did promise that I would put up a favourites post for every month this year and I don't want to break my promise. I've been loving a lot of skincare this month as I have been trying to get my skincare into a good routine. If you'd like to see my new skincare routine let me know as I can write a post. 

Friday, May 04, 2018

An open letter to the GP who missed my condition

Since my diagnosis I have always felt resentment towards the GP who missed my condition when I was three years old. After watching the Buzzfeed series about chronic pain I decided that I wanted to write an open letter to the woman who changed my life forever. 

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Posts I loved - April

You guys always seem to really enjoy these posts. I love collecting these posts over the month and I am all about sharing the love for my fellow bloggers. I will pre-warn you this post is a little Erin and Jasmine heavy but I love them and their blogs so sorry ahaha! So without further ado lets get into this months roundup. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The flu face

Now I feel like since I started uni I have spent a large majority of my time feeling a little under the weather. Today I thought I would share with you the products I reach for when I am feeling rubbish. 

I always go for a super hydrating base when I feel unwell, the Pixi Rose flash balm is potentially the most hydrating primer I have ever tried. If you have oily skin I would avoid this like the plague but if you are dry and dehydrated give it a go! Bare minerals complexion rescue is my go to when I feel super dry and when I don't want anything too heavy. Glossier stretch concealer is very light and hydrating under the eyes and doesn't cling to any dry patches. It looks super glowy and healthy and makes the skin look a lot less grey and gross.

For bronzer I love Mac Refined golden which is a beautiful warm bronze shade with gold reflects. This gives the skin a beautiful glow and adds colour to the cheeks. I love this bronzer and as long as I use it with a light hand when I am pale it just adds a beautiful colour. Highlight wise I tend to reach for a liquid highlight. Currently I'm loving the Nip and Fab liquid illuminator in White gold which is such a pretty pinky silver toned highlight again adding to the glowiness I pile onto the skin. 

Brow wise as always I reach for Anastasia Dip brow which is my all time favourite brow product which you will know if you read my blog. For a quick wash of colour I love the Maxfactor Masterpiece Liquid shadow in Coffee which is a really pretty taupe shade which just adds a nice little wash of colour and shimmer to the lids. Mascara wise I have been reaching for Total temptation mascara which doesn't end up half way down my face when my eyes water, which they do a lot when I don't feel so great. Finally for the lips I love the NYX butter glosses as they are incredibly comfortable. My lips are very dry anyway but especially when I am under the weather. To finish off the face I love the Pixi Wakeup vitamin mist which again adds even more glow to my skin. 

That's it for today, I would love to know what you use when you are feeling under the weather. 

Sunday, April 15, 2018

This month I loved, 03

March was a weird month, with a birthday, the easter holidays and an operation I didn't end up trying many beauty products at all. However I did have a couple of things I wanted to mention and I definitely didn't want to break my promise of a monthly favourites. So here we are a very late and very little March favourites. 

First off I wanted to mention a book which I really loved this month. Some of you may know I am actually at university studying forensics so I was very intrigued by Val McDermid's book. Forensics The anatomy of crime. McDermid normally writes fiction but spoke to various experts in the field of forensics creating a clear non-fiction piece explain both the importance and the incredible scientific knowledge in various fields in the forensics domain. I feel like even if you aren't studying something forensics related or it's your job area  a lot of true crime and crime fiction would enjoying finding a little more out about various types of evidence and how even the tiniest fragment of bone can be used to solve a case. 

Moving onto the beauty bits I had to mention the Revolution Conceal and define concealer which is everywhere at the moment. Now I've never tried shape tape so cannot compare the two however whether it is a dupe or not I've been getting on really well with this product. I have the shade C1 which is the lightest shade and is actually a tiny bit too light for my skin tone, so I will be picking up C2 next time I see it in stock. This is a medium to high coverage product with a very slight satin finish meaning it doesn't look super caked on my dry skin. It sits beautifully on initial application and throughout the day only sinks very very minimally into dry patches which is a huge bonus for me. 

I have to say when it comes to face brushes I don't really have much of an opinion however I got the Real techniques Blush crush brush in 303 and I am absolutely obsessed with applying my highlight with this brush. Now this definitely isn't a technique for those who don't want a bright highlight however if that's what you want then this product is incredible. It packs highlight on so it looks blinding but also helps to blur any texture as the product is being packed instead of dusted onto the skin. 

Speaking of highlight I have recently rediscovered the Ofra x Nikkie tutorials highlight in Everglow. I tend to reach for the white shade however add a little of the medium shade to move it from a more icy shade to a slightly more champagne shade. This is very bright and can look textured if I'm not careful where I apply it. I know they now sell these shades separately which is why I mentioned them however I'm not sure you can still get it with all three shades in one pan. 

My eyeshadow palette favourite this month was a toss up between this palette and the Anastasia Soft glam however I think I've actually used this one a little more. The palette in question is the Lime crime Venus XL which for me is like Anastasia MR extension. If you love pink shades on the eyes you need this palette in your life. The mattes don't swatch brilliant however on the eyes they blend amazingly. I tend to reach for a setting spray to wet the shimmer shadows to give them more of a metallic effect however they work beautifully without any setting spray. The only thing I wish this palette had is a shimmery white/cream shade for my brow bone however other than that I feel like it has everything. 

Bottom to top - Tantalising taupe, highlight mixed, Triumph, Flora 
This months final favourite is the Maybelline colour sensational lipstick in Tantalising taupe which is a super pale pink nude shade. These Maybelline lipsticks glide onto the lips and feel incredibly comfortable. This is just one of those lipsticks I know I can throw on and not have to be worried about it. It doesn't dry the lips out therefore sits nicely unlike a lot of very pale lip shades do. This isn't a long-lasting lip shade as it has the beautiful creamy texture however due to the nature of the colour I can actually reapply nicely without a mirror. 

So that's it for today, I'd love to know what your favourites have been recently. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The satin and glossy lip edit.

Don't get me wrong I love a matte lip as much as the next person but as I have the driest lips known to humanity I do sometimes need something that is more glossy, creamy and comfortable. Today I thought I would talk you through some of my favourites. I do tend to reach for more basic nude shades when I reach for a creamier lip shade however I have also mentioned a couple of my favourite brights.

I feel like I couldn't have written a post about glossy lips without mentioning the one of the YSL Rouge volupte shine. This shade is 37 which is a beautiful everyday pinky nude shade. It is slightly lighter than my natural lip colour and is one that I reach for when I have a bright or dark eye look. George Satin lipstick in Charm is the newest to my collection and one I have used a lot over the last month. It's a deeper more purple toned nude however still wears beautifully with a large majority of looks. This one isn't quite as glossy as the YSL one and offers more of a creamy finish. 

Clinique's Lip pop's are potentially one of my favourite lipsticks ever. They are so ridiculously comfortable on the lips but they wear for such a long time. Poppy pop is the most stunning pinky toned coral which every summer is the one lipstick that I consistently reach for. My favourite lipglosses no matter the price are the Clarins Instant light lip perfectors. Shade three is the perfect super light nude shade which works so nicely basically over any nude shade ever.

YSL 37, George charm, Clinique poppy pop, Clarins 03, Bourjois 02, Maybelline Tantalising taupe, Rimmel in love with ginger, NYX Angel food cake, Collection 02, Mac syrup 
The Bourjois Rouge laques are a beautiful slightly glossy liquid lip. I don't normally love liquid lips that don't dry down however these are really beautiful. They are incredibly comfortable on the lips and don't ever get the point like a lot of glossy liquid lips do where they start to feather and become very dry on the lips. The Maybelline Colour sensational lipstick in the shade Tantalising taupe is such a perfect concealer lip shade for me and it pairs so beautifully with the Clarins gloss. I know some people aren't a big fan of a concealer lip however on my super pale skin tone I love it. It's a slightly more pink toned super pale nude than I normally wear however its a beautiful shade and one I'm going to be wearing a lot over the summer as I feel like it will look even more beautiful with tanned skin. 

Rimmel In love with ginger is a gorgeous colour and the formula is so beautiful. Don't get me wrong a very glossy bright orange is not the easiest thing in the world however I love it and I had to include in this post. It definitely needs a lip liner and a little bit of care. It is a gorgeous comfortable formula and I need to get round to picking up some more shades. The NYX butter glosses are my favourite drugstore lip product. Angel food cake is a gorgeous shade. Again its the perfect everyday lip shade. These are incredibly glossy and so beautiful on the lips, this shade goes so well with so many different shades and is one I always have in my bag. 

Collection's lip colours are a lovely range, Berry blush is definitely my favourite out of the six shades. It reminds me so much of Mac syrup which is actually the last shade I'm going to mention today. These are again very comfortable (are you sensing a theme here) and non drying (there's definitely a theme). The final shade I wanted to mention today is Mac syrup, this is my favourite Mac lip shade at the moment. It is a beautiful slightly glossier colour which is very similar to the collection shade. This is the best for really neutral makeup look but also works beautifully with a heavier makeup look. 
So that's it for today, I'd love to know what your favourite non-matte lip products are! 

Sunday, April 08, 2018

Improving blog photography with everyday objects

So it's taken me a long time to get where I am with my blog photography and it is no way where I want it to be yet however I feel like I have shown a huge improvement in the past year or so. Today I thought I would talk about some of my favourite ways to spice up my photos with everyday objects. The photo above shows how I used to take a photo on the left and how I would talk a photo now. It includes all the same products but by using everyday objects I have made the photo much more visually appealing. So without further ado lets get into my tips and tricks. 

Backgrounds are something incredibly important, they very quickly change a photo completely. There are so many different things you can use as backgrounds whether that is wallpaper samples, tile samples or samples or hardwood floor. Magazines also make fabulous backgrounds and obviously work well for beauty posts as the content is often related to makeup. 

Sparkles and sequins add a little bit of bling to the picture. If you have a super boring background sparkles are a super easy way to add a little something to the mix. I also love to coordinate the colours the sparkles with the packaging. For example if I am taking pictures of products with gold packaging I will include some gold sparkles to add a little bit of something else.

Other products are a good way to add a little bit of something interesting you are taking products for a review. For example when I take a picture of a palette for a review I like to surround it with other products pointing towards it which helps to focus in on the product. Brushes are also a gorgeous way to add something else to the photo especially the new Real techniques blush crush range which have the most stunning glittery handles. 

Glass wear and trinket dishes add a little something extra. I have a huge amount of cute little dishes which I use for storage which look so pretty around the house as well as in the photos. I have them from places such as Primark, Wilko and Ikea. I also use normal glasses and tumblers which look super cute when you put lipstick/liners in them and have them spilling out like in the photo above.

So that's some of my tips for making blog photos a little more exciting. I'd love the know what your blog photography tips are? 

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Posts I loved - March

It's that time of the month again where I share with you some of my favourite posts from the month. So without further ado lets get into the posts. I'd love to know what your favourite posts of the month have been. 

I would love to know what have been your favourite posts from this month?

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

The forever repurchases

Today I thought I would share with you some of my favourite products and the ones that I have and will go on to repurchase over and over again. I would love to know in the comments what are your forever repurchase products. 

Starting off with the base products Porefessional has been a go to primer for me for such a long time. The pores on my cheeks are huge so this is a go to for me whenever I go for a heavier base. I know a lot of people don't love silicone based primers but if you do and you haven't already tried this you need too. concealer wise I had to mention both the Clarins instant concealer which is the most light weight super high coverage concealer. It looks beautiful on the skin and is brilliant for dry skin. The Naked concealer is a cult classic. It isn't quite as high coverage as the Clarins concealer however it does still offer a good strong medium coverage. Again it doesn't feel heavy on the skin and looks amazing on my dry skin. 

I love a good setting spray and the Urban decay All nighter setting spray is by far my favourite. It reduces any powderiness on the skin and takes any cakiness away. For a dry skinned gal like myself this is something I cannot be without. It also makes my makeup last so much longer on the skin. Hoola bronzer is the only bronzer I have ever hit pan on. It's a gorgeous slightly warm toned bronzer which I can use for both contouring and bronzing up the face without looking orange in any way. 

Moving onto the eyes I had to mention the Anastasia modern renaissance palette. This is by far the palette in my collection that I use the most. These shadows blend like an absolute dream and are so crazily pigmented. I also wanted the mention the Smashbox Brow tech matte pencil. This is a super thin pencil which means I can get a very accurate brow. It is one I reach for on a more natural day. It also has the best spooley ever which seems like a random comment but it really is amazing. Dip brow was something I couldn't have written this post without. I have been using this product at least 3 out of 4 times I've worm makeup for about the last two years. I have the shade medium brown which is the best for me, it's a dark brown shade with ashy undertones. This is the product out of all of the products in this post which I would recommend the most.

Hoola, Syrup, three shades from MR 
Finally for the lips I had to mention the Nuxe Reve de meil lip balm which I am actually on my fifth pot off. It is the most hydrating balm I have ever tried and as someone with potentially the driest lips in the world this is something I adore. Lipstick wise I had to mention Mac syrup as for me it is the perfect everyday lip colour. I love a good my lips but better shade and this one is perfect. Finally I had to mention the NYX butter glosses which are my favourite glosses from the drugstore. They are highly pigmented and super glossy yet not sticky. I think the only glosses I like more are the Clarins lip perfectors however they are a lot more expensive than these and the shades are also fairly limited. 

So that's it for today, I would love to know what products are your forever repurchases. 

Sunday, March 25, 2018

What's in my travel makeup bag - Easter break

So I'm currently on easter break and I've come home from uni so today I thought I would show you what products I've brought with me. Theres a mix of products I already love and some new bits I've been testing out recently. So without further ado lets get straight into it or else we might be here forever. 

Primer wise I just decided to bring the Glossier priming moisturiser as it is one of those primers which works well under all foundations. My skin has been super dry at the moment and I've pretty much exclusively only used my Stila primer so I thought I'd pick something similar but try and use something different. For my base I picked something super light and a more full coverage product. The Bare minerals complexion rescue is my favourite super natural everyday base. It's incredibly hydrating and offers a light to medium coverage. I also packed the Charlotte tilbury magic foundation which is the most gorgeous higher coverage base which mixes beautifully with the bare minerals complexion rescue should I want something more medium. 

Concealer wise I decided to pack the new Revolution conceal and define concealer which I've tried a couple of times and I have to say currently I'm really enjoying it. I love the huge doe foot applicator and the formula so far has been something I've loved. I also packed my old trusty Urban decay Naked concealer which is potentially my favourite concealer of all time. For the cheeks I packed the George at Asda blush which is such a beautiful rose shade. I love this for a natural flush however I do have to be super careful with it as the pigmentation is absolutely crazy. I also packed the Glossier cloud paint in the shade dusk which is another really beautiful everyday shade. Its a more orange toned nude shade than the George blush, but they both give the same nude flush effect. 

Highlighter wise I've been loving layering a powder highlight over a cream so I packed the NYX liquid illuminator which is a pinky toned liquid highlight. Matching perfectly with the Laura seller powder highlight I packed. These highlights are super glowy and intense. Bronzer wise I packed my Urban Decay beach bronzer which was one I used constantly over last summer so dug it out of my collection. I love how warm this bronzer is and I cannot wait to get some more use out of it. 

Brow wise,  I packed my ride or die brow products which are the the Anastasia Dip brow which is my favourite brow product of all time. I also packed my Freedom duo brow powder which is my favourite to both use on it's own for a more natural brow but it is also my favourite way to ensure that my dip brow is completely set down. Mascara wise I packed my favourite at the moment which is Maybelline's total temptation which is just the most beautiful lengthening mascara and is so affordable too. I threw in one of the Marc Jacobs highliners, which are the best creamy liners. They aren't the cheapest however if you have super watery eyes and a love of naps like me you definitely need to give them a go. 

I definitely overpacked eyeshadow palettes however all three are new to my collection and I have been testing them extensively over the past few weeks. There will be full posts on all three at some point over the next month as I am loving them all. Anastasia Soft glam which is a gorgeous everyday palette, Violet voss hashtag which is something a little different in terms of a warm toned palette and then Lime crime Venus XL which is the most beautiful pinky toned palette. 

Finally for lips I packed a couple of liners from NYX, George, CYO and Mac. Then I also packed a mix of nude liquid lips and only nude liquid lips which was completely unplanned. I had to bring Kat von D Lolita which is one of my all time favourite nude shades. I also packed Ofra Nude potion from the Nikkie tutorials collection which is the most beautiful pinky pale nude. Lime crime Saint is a much deeper nude and one a lot of people perhaps wouldn't describe as a nude. Finally I packed Stila Patina which is something again I have dug out of my collection. 

So that's it for today, let me know what products you'd take away with you!