Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Tangle Teezer Thick and Curly review

I'm going to be honest I didn't even know Tangle Teezer did a brush specifically for thick and curly hair but boy am I glad I do now. My hair is extremely thick, coarse wavy and just generally a bit of a tangly mess. I do love the original however I do find it doesn't quite get through all my hair and I have to separate it out into sections which is all round just a bit of a pain. With the specially designed one I find it gets through all of my hair no bother and doesn't leave my hair looking too frizzy and crazy.
I do tend to prefer to brush my hair when it's wet and I find this performs for me much better than the original. I feel like the bristles on the Thick and curly brush are sturdier therefore they make much easier work of knots in thick hair. However they aren't to sturdy that they make it difficult to brush with. As with the original Tangle teezer I really love the super compact design as it makes it perfect for traveling with or throwing in my bag.
Overall I'm really impressed by this brush and would highly recommend it to anyone with, curly, thick or coarse hair.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Joan Collins Paparazzi compact

I love the idea of this compact as I am constantly losing my lipstick in the bottom of my bag so when I was offered the opportunity to give it a go I was very excited. The packaging of this is absolutely beautiful yet it still feels incredibly sturdy and like is would sustain being thrown round the bottom of my bag. Moving onto the products inside the powder is really beautiful and finely milled however I do find that it is a little too dark for me. I assumed that it would be translucent however I did find on me it added some colour which I did find it made me slightly orange however for touch ups I can deal with it being a little dark.
Moving onto the lipstick I am so in love, this is the shade Katrina which is a stunning browny berry nude shade.  I would say it is one of those perfect in between nude and berry for the winter. The formula of this lipstick is stunning it's glossy and incredibly hydrating but it is still nice and long lasting. After trying the setting mist from this brand I was a little concerned that it would smell heavily like flowers however it smells perfectly fine.

Overall I really like this and would highly recommend it if you don't have super pale skin! 

Friday, November 25, 2016

The miracle product for scarring.

For years now I've sworn by bio oil as a product to help with scarring. I have had three major operations on my right hip and femur so I have been left with some pretty intense scarring on my leg. For years I have sworn by this product to reduce the pigmentation difference of the scar tissue and my skin and I honestly wouldn't be without it. My skin is also incredibly dry so it was brilliant post surgery to help add a little hydration to an area which was covered by a pretty enormous plaster. However when I was offered the opportunity to try out a bottle of Bio oil* £8.99 for 60ml I decided to try it for something a little different.
Over the past few weeks I've been using this product on my face and not only has it helped to reduce some old acne scaring I have but it has also really helped to reduce the redness and uneven skin tone. I have also found it works nicely to add some moisture to my incredibly dry skin and it is definitely something I am going to be taking away with me to Iceland.
I'd love to know if you have ever tried this product and what you used it for! Let me know in the comments.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Body shops answer to Liquid lips - Matte lip liquids Reviewed

There hasn't been a new budget launch in the past couple of months that has really attracted my attention however when I went into the Body shop these caught my eye straight away. These are exactly what I expected the NYX soft matte lip creams to be. They are incredibly comfortable and feel pretty hydrating on the lips. They aren't quite completely matte, I'd describe the finish more like a velvet. Something I do really like about these is the fact that the colour of the packaging corresponds with the colour inside which makes them easier to pick out of my collection. They have a basic doe foot applicator which is a nice size, I'm not a fan of the straight applicators like in the Sleek matte me's so I was pleased to find that these have just a standard doe foot.
These do have an incredibly sweet scent so if you don't like highly scented lip products these will definitely not be for you as you can still smell them on the lips for a while after application. Lasting power wise I find I get a similar time out of each. They fade really evenly and don't go gross and flakey on the lips like a lot of liquid lips do.
Moving onto the shades the first shade I picked up was Sicily Iris which is a stunning blackened purple shade which is ideal for this time of year. I then picked up Tokyo Lotus which is a gorgeous bright pink shade which isn't something I would usually pick up however I really love it and I feel like I will get a lot of wear out of it in the summer. The final shade I picked up was Crete Carnation which I am pretty sure is my perfect nude shade.  It is a really pretty pinky nude shade which doesn't wash me out but is still a nude shade.
I really hope you guys enjoyed this post! I'd love to know if you guys have tried these and what your thoughts were.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

A huge NYX roundup

Okay so as you can see from the photo above since NYX cosmetics came to the UK I've bought quite a few products. Today I thought I would go through all the products I have tried and tell you which ones I would recommend and which ones I would stay away from. So without further ado lets get on as I have a lot of products to talk about.

Gotcha Covered concealer - £5.50
I'm not the biggest fan of this one I find that it is very heavy and tends to sit a bit gross however my skin is incredibly dry. I do really like the coverage of this product however it just doesn't sit well at all on my dry skin. One thing I will say though is that the shades of this concealer are fab this shade is really pale and even highlights my Casper the ghost skin.

HD concealer - £5.50
Again the shade of this one is incredibly pale, despite the fact I didn't get along with the other concealer I decided to give this one a go anyway and I'm so glad I did. This is beautifully high coverage yet it doesn't dry out the skin like the way the other concealer does. This really reminds me of the Naked skin concealer from Urban Decay and I would highly recommend it.

HD Blush in Taupe - £5.50
This is the perfect contour colour for super pale skin, it blends beautifully into the skin and has the perfect mix of grey tones so it isn't too orange however it does still as a little bit of warmth as well as sculpting.

Micro Brow pencil in Brunette - £7.00
This is so similar to my favourite Smashbox brow tech matte pencil it's ridiculous, the nib is tiny which means that you can get a really precise brow. It is a pretty good shade match however I do find it's a little warm for me so I will probably pick up the shade above which is a little more grey toned when I repurchase it.

Brow Gel in Brunette - £5.50
This is definitely one for people who love a strong brow, it's a pretty thick gel which means it does create a pretty intense brow. I'm pretty sure this would last in the brows for the rest of my life so if you are in the market for a long lasting brow product this is the one to go for.

Taupe, Gotcha covered, HD concealer, Brow pencil, Brow gel

Prismatic shadows in Firestorm and Golden peach - £5.50
These are something I've seen people use a lot on youtube and when I saw how beautiful these two orange shades where I knew I had to have them. They remind me a lot in formula of the Makeup geek foiled shadows as they pack a strong metallic punch but feel very creamy and smooth.

Hot singles shadows in LOL and Electroshock - £3.50
I have no complaints about these at all especially as they are £3.50, they are very high quality blend nicely and pack a pretty intense bunch of colour. What more could you want from an eyeshadow.

Primal Colours eyeshadow in Hot orange - £5.50
I have to be honest although I really love this shadow I'm not quite sure why its £2.00 more than the others. Again it is very high quality and doesn't have any fallout despite the fact its such a bright and intense shade.

Wonder pencil in Light - £4.00
Now this product is a multi use type thing however I personally love it for lining my water line to open up my eyes. The pencil is really creamy yet lasts a fair amount of time in my water line before it has completely disappeared, I think if you are a fan of red/orange toned eyeshadows you definitely need this in your life.

White liner and Vivid brights liner in Vivid red - £5.50
I absolutely love the vivid brights liner it's such a beautiful shade and is very easy to work with however I'm not a fan of the white. I find that it is incredibly patchy which I wouldn't mind if I could layer it however it doesn't layer well at all and begins to flake off. I was gutted as I got on so well with the red liner.

Firestorm, Golden peach, LOL, Electroshock, Hot orange, Wonder pencil, Vivid fire, White

Soft Matte lip cream in Antwerp - £5.50
I just don't get the hype with these, if you are a regular reader you will probably be aware of that, I just find that this looks incredibly dry and cakey on my lips from the moment I apply it. Then to make matters worse even though it sucks all the moisture out of my lips it still manages to move around all over my face and just generally look gross. I was really disappointed as not only do so many people love them but this colour would have been incredible for the summer.
Intense Butter gloss in Toasted marshmallow - £5.50
This is the perfect autumn lip for when I don't want to wear something matte, this shade is absolutely stunning and I love the fact that even though it is a very highly pigmented thick gloss it isn't sticky in the slightest. It is also pretty long lasting and once the glossiness has worn away you are left with a really pretty berry stain on the lips.
Butter glosses in Crème brule and Tiramisu - £5.50
As again with the intense version I love these because they aren't sticky in anyway. They are very comfortable and are the product I reach for when I want a hydrating lip colour. Even though they are glosses they do still have a fairly decent pigment to them. They ae something I would highly recommend to everyone! Even gloss haters.  
Liquid Suede's in Vintage, Stone fox and Soft spoken - £6.50
These are one of my favourite liquid lips on the market. They are very comfortable on the lips as they don't dry down 100% matte meaning they stay put but aren't completely unmoveable. I think these are really fab and would be especially nice for someone who doesn't want a completely matte lip but wants a long lasting one.

Antwerp, Toasted marshmallow, Crème brule, Tiramisu, Vintage, Stone fox, Soft spoken

So that's it for today's mammoth post, if you have any NYX recommendations leave them down below and I will check them out! 

Friday, November 18, 2016

The Autumn lip edit

So we are onto the final autumn edit post, today I'm going to be talking lips. Instead of just picking out my favourite darker shades I have also picked out a few more wintery nudes so if you aren't a fan of a dark lip then there's something for you too.
No7 Moisture drench lipstick in  Honey bloom -
The No7 Moisture drench lipsticks are incredibly comfortable on the lips. This shade is a really pretty cool toned nude shade which is unlike anything else I have in my collection. It is slightly glossy and I just really love it for wearing with any look.
Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Bitch perfect -
 This is the perfect peachy nude shade, it has enough peach in it which means it doesn't wash me out. I really like this one for when I fancy a nude lip but I'm not sure what shade to go for. This one is a satin finish so it sits comfortably on the lips however it lasts really nicely.

Mac Matte lipstick in Stone -

This is definitely a nude for when I'm feeling brave, it's a super grey toned nude which I actually really love. It feels incredibly comfortable on the lips but has a really nice matte finish to it. I also find this lasts really nicely however it does tend to leave me with that tell tale ring around the inside of my lips.

Chanel Rouge allure velvet in 347 -

How pretty is this shade, it's a really beautiful autumnal berry pink shade and I mean look at the packaging. It is literally the most swanky thing I have ever seen in my life. I love the finish and the texture of this as it feels incredibly creamy and hydrating however it has that beautiful velvet finish to it.

Nyx Liquid Suede in Vintage -

I love the formula of these, they are a super long lasting liquid lipstick however they don't dry down completely matte. This means that they are so comfortable on the lips. Vintage is a browny burgundy shade which is just perfect for this time of year.

Honey bloom, Bitch perfect, Stone, 347, Vintage, Sicily iris, Velvet slipper, Toasted marshmallow, 107.
The Body shop Matte lip liquid in Sicily Iris -

These are one of the latest releases from the body shop and I am obsessed with them, this shade is a beautiful blackened purple which is pretty much my perfect winter lip shade. These are incredibly comfortable on the lips and I would highly recommend them.

Sleek Matte me in Velvet slipper -

This shade is actually very similar to Vintage however it is a little more pink. The formula of this is also a lot drier and much more matte in comparison however it isn't to the point where it is uncomfortable on the lips.

NYX Intense butter gloss in Toasted marshmallow -

Oh this shade is just beautiful, I am not a gloss fan however I really like both the intense and the normal butter glosses. This is a little sticky however not to the extreme that my hair get stuck in it and it's just all round uncomfortable. This shade is a gorgeous deep pinky colour. This is honestly the most pigmented gloss I have tried and it also lasts really nicely.

Rimmel Kate moss lipstick in 107 -

Would it be an autumn lipstick post without this bad boy. It is just the best of the berry toned reds, it's a more velvet lipstick than a matte which means it feels very comfortable but still has an incredible lasting power.

So that's it for today, I hope you have enjoyed these autumn edit posts. If you want to see the other two posts you can find the base edit Here and the eye edit Here.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Autumn eye edit

Okay so as promised today I have my eye and brow picks for Autumn, as I said in Sunday's post I have split up my autumn picks into three posts. On Sunday I talked about all things Base so if you haven't read that already head over here. On Friday I' also going to be running though my favourite lip products so don't forget to come back for that! So moving on lets jump into today's post.
So starting off with brows I have two Brow pomades. The first is the Anastasia Dip brow in the shade medium brown, this isn't something I use a lot in the summer as I'm always a little worried it will smudge in the heat however in the winter it is my go to brow product. It does give a very strong brow even when used with a light hand so if you do prefer something a little less in your face then this one might not be for you. However if you do like an intense brow then you need this. The offer pomade is the Freedom makeup brow pomade in ash brown, this is a little creamier than the dip brow so it doesn't stay quite as well however it really is a nice affordable alternative if you don't want to shell out for the Anastasia one.
Metallic pomegranate, Bad girl bronze, Vivid red, WOS, Naked 2, Faint, Pure Ganache, Substitute for love, Freshly toasted, Warm notes.
For liner I've been really loving the NYX Vivid brights liner in Vivid fire. I wasn't sure how I'd get on with it but I absolutely love it. I like to pair it with a matte neutral eye look and I find it's actually really wearable. I have also been using the Maybelline Colour tattoo in Metallic pomegranate as a liner. This is something I tried last autumn and just fell in love with. It's a nice way of adding a little bit of burgundy without going for a full on in your face shadow, I also find it lasts for an amazing amount of time. Mascara wise I picked out Benefit They're real which is something I have fallen back in love with. It's a very lengthening mascara but it also adds the perfect amount of volume. One thing I will say about this is that it is a complete pain to get off.
Moving onto eyeshadow I picked out the Rimmel Scandal eyes shadow pencil in Bad girl bronze which just creates the perfect base for a bronzy smokey eye. It blends out really nicely and works well both alone and with shadows over the top. For powder shadows I picked out two of my favourite palettes, the first is Urban decay's Naked basics 1. This is a palette that I have really loved for such a long time it is the perfect mix of matte shadows and as usual with urban decay shadows they are incredibly high quality. The other palette I have been loving is the Zoeva Cocoa blend palette which is just the perfect palette for people who love warm toned shadows. I find that I can get so many looks out of this and I just think it's a good all rounder. I love warm notes to add a little pop of colour to a more neutral look. The shades are all beautifully pigmented and so buttery. I'd definitely suggest everyone gives the Zoeva palettes a go. 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Autumn base edit

So I'm a little behind on the whole Autumn posts thing however I am getting back into the swing of things and I am actually enjoying writing blog posts again. This year I thought I would split up my Autumn posts into three bits. Today I'm going to be talking about my favourite base products, Wednesday will see me talk about eyes and then on Friday I'm going to be talking all things lips. So without further ado lets get on with the post.
Nars Sheer glow foundation is something that I dig out every autumn. It is a pretty high coverage foundation. I do tend to mix it with a little oil just to make it a little bit more comfortable on my dry skin. This is just one of those foundations that always looks so healthy on the skin. Concealer wise I've been really enjoying the NYX HD concealer lately. I have the shade Porcelain which is actually a really fab highlighting concealer for under my eyes. It is also incredibly comfortable and doesn't dry out my under eyes.
Moving onto colour products I have been really enjoying the Catrice Prime and fine Contour palette at the moment. It is a little more warm toned than the kind of bronzer/contour I'd reach for usually however I really do like it. The highlight isn't anything special however if you are a fan of a subtle highlight then it is nice. Both the powders blend and sit really nicely on the skin and even though the contour is warm it doesn't leave the face looking muddy. Highlighter wise the new Sleek Cleopatra's kiss highlighting palette has been the one. I do think his is probably a little more suited to the summer as it is quite gold toned however I've been using the pinky shade a lot and I absolutely love it.
Illamaqua Dixie, Essence Berry me up, Maxfactor Gorgeous berries, Catrice contour, Catrice Highlight, Sleek Cleopatras kiss (Palest powder shade)
Blush wise I have been reaching for three particular shades which I am in love with, the first is Illamasqua's Cream blush in Dixie which is the prettiest dusty rose shade. I really like the Illamasqua cream blushes as they are so easy to blend and they aren't super stiff in the pan but also don't feel sticky on the cheeks. The next blush is the Essence matte blush in berry me up which is an incredible basic light berry shade. These blushes are so pigmented and blendable and for £1 I can honestly think of no downsides to them. The final blush I have is the Maxfactor Cream puff blush in Gorgeous berries. This is a stunning berry shade with the most stunning gold sheen to it and I find it lasts so well on the cheeks.
So that's it for today, I really hope you enjoyed this post.

Friday, November 11, 2016

A few Bonfire night snaps

So today I though I would show you some of the shots I got at my local bonfire and fireworks display on Saturday evening. I'm super happy with how these images turned out and I really hope you enjoy them!

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Mac lipstick collection

So today I thought I would show you my Mac lipstick collection, I love a good Mac lipstick post so I hope you enjoy reading this one.
Crème cup - Cremesheen finish
Out of my 9 shades this is the only one that I don't like, it's a blue toned pink shade and I just find it washes me out completely. With this being a Cremesheen finish it doesn't last as long as I would like it to and I only get a 2-3 hour wear time out of it. That being said it is very comfortable and feels hydrating on the lips.
Brick'o'la - Amplified finish
This one is the perfect autumn everyday shade for me. It is a light brick terracotta shade. With it being an amplified it has a really good pigment and sits comfortably on the lips without drying them out. I get around 5-6 hours wear out of this one as it does fade really nicely and doesn't make lips go flaky.
Up the amp - Amplified finish
This shade is insane, it's a bright purple shade which I absolutely love to use to add a pop of colour to my look. Again with it being an amplified shade it is incredibly pigmented and comfortable on the lips. This is definitely my I need a bit of a perk me up shade.
Stone - Matte finish
This is not a shade I am going to wear all the time however I do really like it for when I'm feeling a little brave. I do find it quite difficult to match this with eye looks and for me I prefer it when I use little to no colour on my lid.
Morange - Amplified finish
This is the perfect summery orange shade, it is very bright a little more slippy than my other two amplified finishes however as long as I blot it down I don't worry too much about it ending up all over my face. I will say that this does make my teeth look super yellow which isn't ideal however I do still love it.
Viva Glam Ariana Grande - Cremesheen finish
I thought I would get so much wear out of this as it is such a me however with it being a Cremesheen I just spend too much time worrying about whether it is all over my chin and cheeks. It is a beautiful colour however I do also find it ends up looking a little bit flaky and falls into any imperfections in my lips.
Mehr - Matte finish
I think this one is my favourite out of my collection, it is the perfect everyday matte pink for someone who loves a bold lip. I like how it is a mix between nude and pink. I find Mac's matte formula is incredibly comfortable on the lips and also really long lasting. I just love this shade and it's honestly the one that I would recommend to people first.
Lady Danger - Matte finish
This is such a pretty orange toned red which is perfect for the Summer. Again like Morange it does make the teeth look quite yellow however it is just such a lovely summer shade. I don't get quite as much wear time out of this one than I do out of Mehr as it doesn't fade as evenly however I do still get a good amount of time out of it.
Rebel - Satin finish

Would it be a Mac lipstick collection without this shade? I feel like it is something that everyone has and I completely get why. It is the perfect Autumn shade, it' a nice pinky purple which I do feel looks completely different on everyone who wears it. I love this one and get a huge amount of wear out of it.

Crème cup, Brick'o'la, Up the amp, Stone, Morange, Viva glam Ariana, Mehr, Lady danger, Rebel.
So that's it for today I really hope you enjoyed this post, don't forget to leave me some shade recommendations in the comments as I'm looking to expand my collection.

Sunday, November 06, 2016

October makeup

So it's the start of a new month again which means another monthly makeup post, for October I've been doing something a little different. If you are a regular reader you will know that I really love warm toned shadows however my friend bought me a super cool toned palette and I am really loving the quality of the shadows so without further ado lets get into it.
So the cold weather is back with a vengeance meaning my skin is even drier than usual which has meant I've been reaching for my Bare minerals Complexion rescue which is the nicest hydrating base. This shade is the tiniest bit to dark however as long as I blend it down the neck I don't have a problem with it. My skin hasn't been too bad lately however if I have had any blemishes I've been using the Rimmel Lasting finish cream concealer. Then as usual I've been using my Urban decay Naked skin concealer which is just my favourite under eye concealer as it is so hydrating and comfortable. To finish off my base I've been using the MUA Hydro define powder which is a really lovely one for dry skin. The Bare minerals base definitely needs a little bit of setting even on my very dry skin and this just sets it so it doesn't move around but doesn't make my skin look powdery in any way.
For the rest of my face I've gone back to using my Benefit Hoola bronzer which is just my favourite bronzer for when I am super pale. It blends out really well and just looks super natural. Finally for my base I have been reaching for the new Sleek Cleopatra's kiss highlighting palette which is super beautiful. It is a more gold toned palette so probably a little more summer appropriate however I've been using the more pinky toned powder shade which is just super beautiful. For my brows I have dug the Anastasia Dip brow out of my collection which is something that I definitely prefer for the colder weather, it does leave me with a pretty intense brow however I do really love it and will probably continue to use it for the next few months.
For my eyes I've been using the Trend it up the nudes palette in 020 which isn't something I would pick out for myself however I really do like it. My lovely friend sent me this in one of our swap boxes, it is from a German brand which is made by DM which is the German version of Boots or Superdrug. The shadows are incredibly buttery and they blend so well. I've been using the lighter shades t do a sort of subtle smokey look, unfortunately the black broke on it's way from Germany however I do still love the palette. For my mascara I've been using the No7 Extreme length mascara which is a very lengthening mascara which is usually what I look for in a mascara. This holds a curl nicely and is one I will be definitely be repurchasing next time I have a No7 voucher.
 Finally for my lips I've been using the new Body shop Lip liquid in the shade Sicily Iris which is a stunning vampy purple shade. I picked up three of these at the start of October and I really love them. They are what I expected the NYX Soft matte lipsticks, they are a lot more hydrating and just a little bit more matte. The colour is a beautiful dark purple shade and I absolutely love it!
So that's it for today I really hope you guys enjoyed this monthly makeup post.

Friday, November 04, 2016

Kiko long lasting shadow stick in 36

I have heard so many good things about Kiko products especially the long lasting shadow pencils and I have to say they definitely live up to the hype. I wanted to go for something a little bit different than I would usually buy so I picked up number 36 which is a beautiful purple pink shade with gold. It is very creamy however after a couple of seconds of going on the lid it begins to set. Once it has set there is no moving it so it is a product that I find I have to work carefully with, it does blend beautifully however and doesn't go patchy when blended with a brush like some cream shadows do.

 I really like the packaging of this product it is sleek and I like the fact that the colour is shown clearly on the end making it easier to find in my collection. I have used this both as a base and alone and I find it wears well as both. It doesn't make shadows that I put on top of it like some creams do. Wear time wise I get a good 7-8 hours wear out of this even without any primer underneath.
Overall I really love this product and I'm definitely going to be picking up some more shades.

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Essence makeup - Tested!

It's time again for another testing makeup post and video. Essence is a brand I have loved since I first went to Germany over four years ago and one I was incredibly happy to find out we would be getting it in the UK when they launched. I have to say other than the foundations I haven't tried anything that I've really hated so without further ado lets get into my thoughts on these particular products.
Stay all day concealer -
I vaguely remember trying the Stay all day foundation and hating so I was a little sceptical about this one however I really don't mind it. It isn't the highest coverage however it's a nice one for around my nose which tends to get a little red however it isn't enough to warrant a super high coverage concealer, Much like the natural collection one I feel like this one would be perfect for people who are just starting out with makeup.
Soft touch mousse concealer -
I was so intrigued by this as a mousse concealer isn't something I've ever seen before. I have to admit I did find this far to heavy on my dry skin. I found it very quickly sunk into any dry patches that I had. I found if I used a tiny amount for a spot conceal it worked okay as it is very high coverage. I feel like this one would definitely suit an oilier skin better but you would definitely have to be careful it didn't end up looking cakey.
Mattifying compact powder -
There really isn't much to say about this one, it is a fairly bog standard affordable. For me personally it isn't finely milled enough however I do have skin that's drier than the Sahara so take that into consideration. It added a little colour and coverage so I would say give it a go if you don't have super dry skin.
Sun Club bronzing powder -
Once again this wasn't anything ground breaking however I did like it, it's a bog standard slightly shimmery warm toned bronzer which did a nice job of bronzing up the face. I have to admit one of my favourite things about it was the fact that it smelt like coconuts.
Matt touch blush in berry me up -  
This was only £1 and I cannot get enough of it. It's a beautiful pinky berry shade which is just perfect for this time of year. It is so blendable and high quality for the price. I find a lot of budget blushes can be very chalky however this one is very buttery. I would highly recommend these, I definitely need to pick up some more shades.
I heart stage eye primer -
I love this stuff and would go as far to say that it is almost as good as the Urban Decay one. I find it really does help cover any discolouration on the lid and help keep my eyeshadow intense and not creasing. I definitely think if you want an eye primer but don't know how much you are going to use it or you don't want to shell out £16 for the Urban Decay one definitely give this one a go.
 Single shadows in Apricotta, Rosy happiness and Keep calm and berry on -
I loved one of these shadows but wasn't overly impressed with the other two. Apricotta which is the lightest of the shades is absolutely beautiful. It's a peachy all over the lid shimmery shade which I actually also used as a highlight in the video. I found the other two shades were a little dry and didn't really have any pigment to them at all. I was actually really disappointed as when I swatched them in stores they seemed really nice, I would definitely say be careful when buying the shadows as they are hit and miss.
Get big lashes mascara -
I'm actually a really big fan of Essence mascara usually however the brush on this one for me is just a little too big (Although if you aren't as clumsy as me I'm sure it's fine) That being said I do like the formula and the effect so I have just been reaching for it on the days when I don't have loads of eye makeup to ruin.
Brow pencil in Dark brown -
Brows have been a bit of a disaster in this series so far however I think I have finally found a budget brow product I don't completely despise. It is a little bit firm however I would rather that than it be too soft which all the other pencils I have tried have been. The colour is also pretty good and for a change not overly red toned like so many cheaper brow products.
Liquid lipstick in Make a statement -
I'm not the biggest fan of this, I personally prefer a more matte liquid lipstick and I just found this was a little to sticky for my liking which is a shame as the colour is beautiful. I did find it wore quite nicely however it just isn't practical for me and my long hair.
Sheer and shine lipstick in Glamour queen -

I was kind of annoyed when I got this home as when I swatched it in store it definitely didn't look as shimmery as it is. I have to say it's not going to be something I reach for on a regular basis however I don't hate the way it looks. It is incredibly hydrating and feels very comfortable on the lips so I definitely want to see if I can try a shade that isn't so shimmery.

Mousse concealer, Stay time, powder, bronzer, blush, eye primer, brow pencil, apricotta, rosy happiness, keep calm and berry on, glamour queen, make a statement.