Sunday, November 20, 2016

A huge NYX roundup

Okay so as you can see from the photo above since NYX cosmetics came to the UK I've bought quite a few products. Today I thought I would go through all the products I have tried and tell you which ones I would recommend and which ones I would stay away from. So without further ado lets get on as I have a lot of products to talk about.

Gotcha Covered concealer - £5.50
I'm not the biggest fan of this one I find that it is very heavy and tends to sit a bit gross however my skin is incredibly dry. I do really like the coverage of this product however it just doesn't sit well at all on my dry skin. One thing I will say though is that the shades of this concealer are fab this shade is really pale and even highlights my Casper the ghost skin.

HD concealer - £5.50
Again the shade of this one is incredibly pale, despite the fact I didn't get along with the other concealer I decided to give this one a go anyway and I'm so glad I did. This is beautifully high coverage yet it doesn't dry out the skin like the way the other concealer does. This really reminds me of the Naked skin concealer from Urban Decay and I would highly recommend it.

HD Blush in Taupe - £5.50
This is the perfect contour colour for super pale skin, it blends beautifully into the skin and has the perfect mix of grey tones so it isn't too orange however it does still as a little bit of warmth as well as sculpting.

Micro Brow pencil in Brunette - £7.00
This is so similar to my favourite Smashbox brow tech matte pencil it's ridiculous, the nib is tiny which means that you can get a really precise brow. It is a pretty good shade match however I do find it's a little warm for me so I will probably pick up the shade above which is a little more grey toned when I repurchase it.

Brow Gel in Brunette - £5.50
This is definitely one for people who love a strong brow, it's a pretty thick gel which means it does create a pretty intense brow. I'm pretty sure this would last in the brows for the rest of my life so if you are in the market for a long lasting brow product this is the one to go for.

Taupe, Gotcha covered, HD concealer, Brow pencil, Brow gel

Prismatic shadows in Firestorm and Golden peach - £5.50
These are something I've seen people use a lot on youtube and when I saw how beautiful these two orange shades where I knew I had to have them. They remind me a lot in formula of the Makeup geek foiled shadows as they pack a strong metallic punch but feel very creamy and smooth.

Hot singles shadows in LOL and Electroshock - £3.50
I have no complaints about these at all especially as they are £3.50, they are very high quality blend nicely and pack a pretty intense bunch of colour. What more could you want from an eyeshadow.

Primal Colours eyeshadow in Hot orange - £5.50
I have to be honest although I really love this shadow I'm not quite sure why its £2.00 more than the others. Again it is very high quality and doesn't have any fallout despite the fact its such a bright and intense shade.

Wonder pencil in Light - £4.00
Now this product is a multi use type thing however I personally love it for lining my water line to open up my eyes. The pencil is really creamy yet lasts a fair amount of time in my water line before it has completely disappeared, I think if you are a fan of red/orange toned eyeshadows you definitely need this in your life.

White liner and Vivid brights liner in Vivid red - £5.50
I absolutely love the vivid brights liner it's such a beautiful shade and is very easy to work with however I'm not a fan of the white. I find that it is incredibly patchy which I wouldn't mind if I could layer it however it doesn't layer well at all and begins to flake off. I was gutted as I got on so well with the red liner.

Firestorm, Golden peach, LOL, Electroshock, Hot orange, Wonder pencil, Vivid fire, White

Soft Matte lip cream in Antwerp - £5.50
I just don't get the hype with these, if you are a regular reader you will probably be aware of that, I just find that this looks incredibly dry and cakey on my lips from the moment I apply it. Then to make matters worse even though it sucks all the moisture out of my lips it still manages to move around all over my face and just generally look gross. I was really disappointed as not only do so many people love them but this colour would have been incredible for the summer.
Intense Butter gloss in Toasted marshmallow - £5.50
This is the perfect autumn lip for when I don't want to wear something matte, this shade is absolutely stunning and I love the fact that even though it is a very highly pigmented thick gloss it isn't sticky in the slightest. It is also pretty long lasting and once the glossiness has worn away you are left with a really pretty berry stain on the lips.
Butter glosses in Crème brule and Tiramisu - £5.50
As again with the intense version I love these because they aren't sticky in anyway. They are very comfortable and are the product I reach for when I want a hydrating lip colour. Even though they are glosses they do still have a fairly decent pigment to them. They ae something I would highly recommend to everyone! Even gloss haters.  
Liquid Suede's in Vintage, Stone fox and Soft spoken - £6.50
These are one of my favourite liquid lips on the market. They are very comfortable on the lips as they don't dry down 100% matte meaning they stay put but aren't completely unmoveable. I think these are really fab and would be especially nice for someone who doesn't want a completely matte lip but wants a long lasting one.

Antwerp, Toasted marshmallow, Crème brule, Tiramisu, Vintage, Stone fox, Soft spoken

So that's it for today's mammoth post, if you have any NYX recommendations leave them down below and I will check them out! 


  1. Wow you have such an amazing NYX collection!! I absolutely love the butter glosses and really want to try the intense versions, your shade is just gorgeous!

    The Makeup Directory

  2. Well I think I've just put so many things on my wishlist! This collection is impressive! Especially the eyeshadow in electroshock, it's just gorgeous x

  3. thanks for sharing your huge NYX haul (so impressive) i love their lip products but definitely need to try some more stuff from them.

    Abigail Alice x


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