Sunday, November 27, 2016

Joan Collins Paparazzi compact

I love the idea of this compact as I am constantly losing my lipstick in the bottom of my bag so when I was offered the opportunity to give it a go I was very excited. The packaging of this is absolutely beautiful yet it still feels incredibly sturdy and like is would sustain being thrown round the bottom of my bag. Moving onto the products inside the powder is really beautiful and finely milled however I do find that it is a little too dark for me. I assumed that it would be translucent however I did find on me it added some colour which I did find it made me slightly orange however for touch ups I can deal with it being a little dark.
Moving onto the lipstick I am so in love, this is the shade Katrina which is a stunning browny berry nude shade.  I would say it is one of those perfect in between nude and berry for the winter. The formula of this lipstick is stunning it's glossy and incredibly hydrating but it is still nice and long lasting. After trying the setting mist from this brand I was a little concerned that it would smell heavily like flowers however it smells perfectly fine.

Overall I really like this and would highly recommend it if you don't have super pale skin! 


  1. That lipstick is so pretty! It's definitely a classic winter color but it's also looks like it has hints of that classic 90s brown color to it! The packaging on the products is so pretty and very classy. I love how the lipstick fits in with compact, that's brilliant.
    Hey Zaire!

  2. I've been seeing this brand everywhere lately! How pretty is that compact, its such a good idea the lipstick being with the powder like you say. The lipstick sounds such a nice wearable shade. I might treat myself to something from her collection :) xo

    Beth |

  3. I was sent this compact and sooo excited about it! I've finally got round to photographing it so I'll be able to test it out now.

    Victoria x


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