Sunday, November 06, 2016

October makeup

So it's the start of a new month again which means another monthly makeup post, for October I've been doing something a little different. If you are a regular reader you will know that I really love warm toned shadows however my friend bought me a super cool toned palette and I am really loving the quality of the shadows so without further ado lets get into it.
So the cold weather is back with a vengeance meaning my skin is even drier than usual which has meant I've been reaching for my Bare minerals Complexion rescue which is the nicest hydrating base. This shade is the tiniest bit to dark however as long as I blend it down the neck I don't have a problem with it. My skin hasn't been too bad lately however if I have had any blemishes I've been using the Rimmel Lasting finish cream concealer. Then as usual I've been using my Urban decay Naked skin concealer which is just my favourite under eye concealer as it is so hydrating and comfortable. To finish off my base I've been using the MUA Hydro define powder which is a really lovely one for dry skin. The Bare minerals base definitely needs a little bit of setting even on my very dry skin and this just sets it so it doesn't move around but doesn't make my skin look powdery in any way.
For the rest of my face I've gone back to using my Benefit Hoola bronzer which is just my favourite bronzer for when I am super pale. It blends out really well and just looks super natural. Finally for my base I have been reaching for the new Sleek Cleopatra's kiss highlighting palette which is super beautiful. It is a more gold toned palette so probably a little more summer appropriate however I've been using the more pinky toned powder shade which is just super beautiful. For my brows I have dug the Anastasia Dip brow out of my collection which is something that I definitely prefer for the colder weather, it does leave me with a pretty intense brow however I do really love it and will probably continue to use it for the next few months.
For my eyes I've been using the Trend it up the nudes palette in 020 which isn't something I would pick out for myself however I really do like it. My lovely friend sent me this in one of our swap boxes, it is from a German brand which is made by DM which is the German version of Boots or Superdrug. The shadows are incredibly buttery and they blend so well. I've been using the lighter shades t do a sort of subtle smokey look, unfortunately the black broke on it's way from Germany however I do still love the palette. For my mascara I've been using the No7 Extreme length mascara which is a very lengthening mascara which is usually what I look for in a mascara. This holds a curl nicely and is one I will be definitely be repurchasing next time I have a No7 voucher.
 Finally for my lips I've been using the new Body shop Lip liquid in the shade Sicily Iris which is a stunning vampy purple shade. I picked up three of these at the start of October and I really love them. They are what I expected the NYX Soft matte lipsticks, they are a lot more hydrating and just a little bit more matte. The colour is a beautiful dark purple shade and I absolutely love it!
So that's it for today I really hope you guys enjoyed this monthly makeup post.


  1. I love hoola bronzer, it really is perfect and I also like to use it for when I'm pale :)

    Lotte |

  2. Anastasia dip brow is my fave! I love it, I don't usually wear bronzer, I feel blusher suits my skin colour more but I have tried the benefit blusher version of that :)


  3. These makeup products are all known to be so good. I would have loved to see the actual look on you! xx

    LAURA ­| Laura Thinks About

  4. I love the Hoola bronzer and really want to try some products from Sleek. Great post.

    Abigail Alice x

  5. I need to try the Rimmel concealer! The foundation is my all time favourite so I have high hopes for the concealer. I need to try some Sleek.

    corrie |

  6. I agree that the MUA powder needs a little more love, I think it's pretty amazing considering it costs next to nothing!

    www.Barely There | British-Korean Beauty & Lifestyle blog


  7. Lovely post!

    This is a fabulous selection of products. I love the sound of the Trend it up Nudes Palette as I love cool toned shades and always enjoy trying out European makeup brands.

    The Sleek Cleopatra's Kiss Highlighting Palette sounds beautiful and it's good to know there are a variety of shades in there. xx / Bloglovin’/ Instagram

  8. I'm not going to lie, that Sleek highlight palette is the best make-up product in my life! It's just so beautiful :)

    Sophie |


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