Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Autumn eye edit

Okay so as promised today I have my eye and brow picks for Autumn, as I said in Sunday's post I have split up my autumn picks into three posts. On Sunday I talked about all things Base so if you haven't read that already head over here. On Friday I' also going to be running though my favourite lip products so don't forget to come back for that! So moving on lets jump into today's post.
So starting off with brows I have two Brow pomades. The first is the Anastasia Dip brow in the shade medium brown, this isn't something I use a lot in the summer as I'm always a little worried it will smudge in the heat however in the winter it is my go to brow product. It does give a very strong brow even when used with a light hand so if you do prefer something a little less in your face then this one might not be for you. However if you do like an intense brow then you need this. The offer pomade is the Freedom makeup brow pomade in ash brown, this is a little creamier than the dip brow so it doesn't stay quite as well however it really is a nice affordable alternative if you don't want to shell out for the Anastasia one.
Metallic pomegranate, Bad girl bronze, Vivid red, WOS, Naked 2, Faint, Pure Ganache, Substitute for love, Freshly toasted, Warm notes.
For liner I've been really loving the NYX Vivid brights liner in Vivid fire. I wasn't sure how I'd get on with it but I absolutely love it. I like to pair it with a matte neutral eye look and I find it's actually really wearable. I have also been using the Maybelline Colour tattoo in Metallic pomegranate as a liner. This is something I tried last autumn and just fell in love with. It's a nice way of adding a little bit of burgundy without going for a full on in your face shadow, I also find it lasts for an amazing amount of time. Mascara wise I picked out Benefit They're real which is something I have fallen back in love with. It's a very lengthening mascara but it also adds the perfect amount of volume. One thing I will say about this is that it is a complete pain to get off.
Moving onto eyeshadow I picked out the Rimmel Scandal eyes shadow pencil in Bad girl bronze which just creates the perfect base for a bronzy smokey eye. It blends out really nicely and works well both alone and with shadows over the top. For powder shadows I picked out two of my favourite palettes, the first is Urban decay's Naked basics 1. This is a palette that I have really loved for such a long time it is the perfect mix of matte shadows and as usual with urban decay shadows they are incredibly high quality. The other palette I have been loving is the Zoeva Cocoa blend palette which is just the perfect palette for people who love warm toned shadows. I find that I can get so many looks out of this and I just think it's a good all rounder. I love warm notes to add a little pop of colour to a more neutral look. The shades are all beautifully pigmented and so buttery. I'd definitely suggest everyone gives the Zoeva palettes a go. 


  1. That eyes shadow is gorgeous, defo perfect for Autumn :)

    Lotte |

  2. Great idea to use the Maybelline shadow as a liner - it looks like a gorgeous colour!

    Tori xx

    Tori’s World

  3. The Naked Basics is such a lovely palette to blend with other colours! :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal


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