Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Drugstore week - The best of Maxfactor

Maxfactor was a brand that up until christmas last year I didn't have much to do with, I thought it was overpriced and I just wasn't interested. However since I had my first taste I've been picking up the odd bit every now and then but some of my favourites are still those first products. 

The False Lash effect Mascara Waterproof was one of those first products (I've had a new one since then!) It is probably my favourite drugstore mascara and my second favourite mascara ever (It doesn't quite beat They're real) I love the fact the brush is plastic as I don't tend to get on with bristle brushes. I actually buy the Black brown shade as I find that it looks black. This is really waterproof and it can be a bit of a pain to get off but I have to wear waterproof as I have horribly watery eyes. 

 I got the Glossfinity nail polish in Colbalt Blue free in one of those boxes around christmas time and I wasn't sure if I'd use it but it has become one of my favourite shades and one that I reach for a lot! I find these are similar in formula to the Barry M Gelly paints but I find they last an extra couple of days. These a good one for if you don't change your nail polish up all the time.

Next up we have the Miracle touch creamy blushes which were recommend a lot by so many people not that long ago. These are so pretty and so creamy they are an absolute dream to work with, I love reaching for this when I'm having a natural makeup day and I just want a little bit of colour and a slight sheen on my cheeks. The last power of these is around four hours on my skin which isn't to bad for a cream blush as I find they usually last about an hour on my skin. I really want to get around to trying more colours of these!

I was talked into buying the CC cream by one of the ladies on the counter (In my local boots our maxfactor is a big stand with a MUA on it) She sold it to me as a full coverage product which it definitely isn't but I actually ended up falling in love with it anyway. It has the most beautiful satiny finish and leave the skin nice and evened out. It's most definitely a product for those good skin days. It also comes in a really light shade which is paler than any shade i've ever found in the drugstore.

Finally we have the Facefinity primer which is another quite hyped product, this is amazing if you have dry skin as it is really lovely and hydrating. It creates a really nice smooth base for foundation. In terms of lasting power it doesn't claim anything really apart from that it makes foundation last longer. There are no claims that it lasts 27 and a half hours. I do find it helps my foundation stick around for an hour or two longer but nothing overly crazy I just like how it smooths out the skin. I'm really hoping at some point they bring out a pore shrinking version of this as I really love it!

Soft Pink


  1. Lovely review! I love Max Factor. X

  2. I really need to try the False Lash Effect mascara! I'm using Bourjois 1 Second mascara atm and it's quite good but I think I will try this one next :) xx


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