Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A very late July used and abused


 well I'm a little late with this one not like were 13 days in august or anything. So without rambling lets get started...


Charles worthington Sunshine uv protection Shampoo. I bought this from tk maxx in manchester for about £3.00. It smelt nice but otherwise it didn't do anything else to my hair. 

 Repurchase; maybe 

  Superdrug sweet almond and coconut intensive conditioner. This is one of my favourite hair products ever it smells amazing and leaves my hair so soft and shiny. 

 Repurchase; already have 


Nspa jojoba and white jasmine body polish. This is a very gentle scrub so personally isn't to my taste as I like quite a harsh scrub. Although I could imagine it being great for a person with sensitive skin. 

Repurchase; probably not 

  Mandara apa amber heaven softening body cream. This was a mini which I won in a giveaway and I really enjoyed using it. The smell did remind me of being in the spa, but I didn't find it hugely nourishing. 

 Repurchase; probably not 

  The body shop passion fruit body butter. The body shop butters are probably my favourite moisturizers that I've tried I find them to be very nourishing. The passion fruit is one of my favourite scents along with the chocolate one.

 Repurchase; I have the raspberry one at the minute but I will at some point 


Boots essentials cucumber cleansing lotion. I think this is somewhere around the £1.50 mark and i really like it the scent of cucumber is very refreshing and this helps remove the bulk of my make up before I cleanse with my hot cloth cleanser. 

 Repurchase; I'm using a simple cleansing milk currently but I prefer this so I will repurchase when the simple one runs out 

  The body shop super volume mascara. There's not really much to say about this it worked but it did nothing amazing. 

 Repurchase; no I've got much better mascaras 

  Fragrance and deodorant..

Nivea invisible for black and white. This is probably one of my favourite deodorants as it smells nice and doesn't leave white/yellow marks. 

 Repurchase; probably 

  Ormonde Jayne frangipani (sample) I don't like this personally for me its not sweet enough and a little to mature (this is me being stereotypical if you like this and your young go you!) I received this from whats in my handbag so i'm not bothered that I'm chucking it when its still half full. 

 Repurchase; nope 

 So that's it sorry for it being so late.



  1. I blogged myself about Superdrugs Coconut range, I am in love with it! Best smelling coconut product I've tried in a while.

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers


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