Monday, September 23, 2013

Calvin Klein tempting glimmer sheer creme eyeshadow - Sheer nectar

Now many of you will not agree with me but when I see higher end makeup in the poundshop I always have a nosey, it's my inner bargain hunter. I paid £1 for a product with the value of £15.50, things don't get much better than that. The Calvin Klein makeup range has always intrigued me so I decided to pick something up. I've decided to add a summary at the end of each of my reviews, let me know if that's something you'd like me to keep doing!


This is probably one of the smallest pots of cream shadow I've ever seen, I would never ever pay £15.50 for it. That aside I quite like this product, first of I love the packaging. I like how the colour of the lid is the same as the shadow. Moving on from packaging I quite like this product. It's really creamy and blends really well. I find it nice to use it as a base but it also works on it's own to create a subtle eye look. In terms of wear I find this lasts around the 6-8 hour mark but once it starts to crease it creases like crazy! 

 The good points... 

 Beautiful colour 

 Nice packaging 

 Not to shimmery 

 Lasts around 6-8 hours 

 The bad points...

 Only 2.5g of product 

 Once it starts to crease there's no going back

 Overall I probably wouldn't buy this again I'd recommend it if you see it in the poundshop but otherwise I wouldn't worry about it! I hope you found this post helpful


  1. I bought one of these CK cream eyeshadows too in poundland,havent tried it out yet,got a shimmer light pink one,looks nice though! :) xo

  2. Pretty shade, shame about the creasing x

  3. Hey!! love this post. I nom'd you for the versatile blogger award! Would love to see your answers. More info here xo

  4. I love a good bargain and would never have thought to have a rummage in the pound shop! I will now :-) thanks for the tip


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