Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rediscovered and Reviewed #1 - Essence stay all day long lastingeyeshadow in Coppy Right

I've come to the conclusion that brands should be more considerate to bloggers when they design their packaging! Photographing mirrored packaging = a absolute bloody nightmare! #Bloggerproblems.

So I've decided to make posts like these more often, I know some people are funny about reviewing a product that has already been used but I think sometimes it's great as you have a really set opinion on the product. So in this series I'm going to be chatting about products I've rediscovered and I'm loving again. 

So the first product in this series is a cream eyeshadow I've become obsessed lately I just love how you don't have to mess around there just so quick and easy!


First things first these are nothing like the Maybelline colour tattoos. I love both products but they are polar opposites. This one is incredibly light and goes on quite sheer. It leaves a lovely coppery shimmer on the lid which can be built up. The formula is amazing they are quite wet so they glide onto the eyelids. The lasting power is amazing I've worn these for 10 hours straight and there has been no creasing at all!


Good points.... 
 Long lasting 
 Incredibly light 
 Good colour 
 Glides onto the lids 

 Bad points.... 
 Very sheer (Not a problem for me but for some people it could be) 

 So that's it for today  hope you enjoyed this post 


  1. pretty shade! haven't tried anything from Essence yet.

    1. I'd highly recommend the brand in general I really wish they were available in the uk xx

  2. Haha oh, that's so true about the mirrored packaging! Love the colour of this :) x

  3. Loved this post! :) Can you tell me what primer did you use?

    1. I didn't use a primer that how good they are xx


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