Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Drugstore brands I want to try more from.

So my high end version of this went down really well so I thought I would do a more budget version of it. I'd love to know what brands which you guys are looking to try more from whether they are in the drugstore or more high end products.
The first brand is Soap and Glory, their Solar powder bronzer is something which is so highly spoken about. I find on me it's a little too light on me however it is a really nice one for more subtle makeup days. I have then tried the little sexy mother pucker lip crayons which are so nice especially for the very low price. Things I want to try from the brand are the One heck of a blot primer, the Supercat liner and the Made you blush cheek colours.
The second brand I want to try more from is No7. I have actually only tried their lip liners and lipsticks which I am a big fan of both. The lip liners are very similar in texture to the Charlotte tilbury Lip cheat liners and the lipsticks are beautifully creamy. One of the main things I want to try from the brand is the Lift and Luminate foundation which Kathleen lights loves. I have a very similar skin type to her so I 100% trust her recommendations. I'd also love to try their BB lips so I could compare them with my beloved Clarins Instant light lip perfectors.
The final brand I wanted to talk about today is Gosh. Their Rebel eye mascara is one of my all time favourites and again as with the No7 liners they are super creamy. The lipsticks are so lovely and the Lumi drops are beautiful when mixed into the foundation. I'd like to give their bronzer a go as I've heard good things and I'd also love t try some more shades of the Lumi drops. Finally I'd like to try the foundation drops.
So that's it for today, i'd love to know what your favourite products are rom these brands. 


  1. Oh my, the One Heck of a Blot Primer and Super Cat Liner are two of my most favourite, holy-grail-status makeup products! I think you will enjoy them if you try them :) Oooo those GOSH products sound fabulous too. Such an old school but fab makeup brand, love a bit of a throwback. I have one of their pigment eye shadows, which I certainly need to wear more often. Definitely don't need any more makeup but definitely need to delve into the counters of these marvellous brands! Beauty dilemmas :) <3

  2. GOSH is also one I want to try more of! Great post.



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