Thursday, June 22, 2017

Benefit boxed powders

Benefit boxed powders are some of my go to products so today I thought I would have a little ramble about them. I currently have three of the full size powders and then last Christmas' full cheek palette. I know some people don't like the packaging of these however I find that even though it is cardboard it is incredibly sturdy. My Hoola is something that I used almost everyday for a good six months and has been thrown about and put in many a makeup bag and is you can see is still going strong.

So lets start off with Hoola, this is an incredible bronzer for people with pale skin. It has the most beautiful mix between grey and orange meaning it looks beautifully natural on the skin. It is so beautifully finely milled and just one of my go to everyday products. Next up we have the Galifornia blush which is the most gorgeous coral gold shade. It's one of those blushes which just gives you the most beautiful healthy look. If any of you have Milani Luminoso this is like the more coral shade. Finally we have Dandelion twinkle which is the newest addition to my collection. This is a really pretty pale pink basic highlight. It isn't glittery by is still fairly intense when built up.

I love all three of these powders and I would definitely recommend these for anyone. Whether they are first time more high end buyers or a makeup collector like me.

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