Friday, July 12, 2013

Guest post- A mans perspective... Fearne cotton

Hey lovelies, today I have a guest post for you, I'm looking for more guest posters if your interested please leave me a comment or tweet me @coleoftheball if your interested. Anyway on with the post...

 Hello Lovely readers. I am from the blog "Boy in WomensWear" which is a blog where a Man gives his perspective on female fashion and beauty, because let's face it, You ladies have much more fun when it comes to clothes. The outfit choices and the ranges of the clothes are much more interesting than the usual Jeans, Shirt combo I seem to find myself in. 

 For this Guest Post I shall keep it short and simply discuss to you one of my All time Style Icons. This Lady is somebody whose style is very much the kind of style I like. The lady is the One and Only............Fearne Cotton


Fearne Cotton! Good Ol' nostrils her self ( Celebrity Juice fans will get that ). This Girl wins in the fashion stakes for me simply because she has her own style and adapts it to her surroundings. She is like a chameleon or something. Fearne likes to pull of the punky, Rock chick look sometimes. even having Dyed hair and out their hair cuts at times. BUT she seems to know when to change it up to adapt to some kind of formal event.


Fearne knows when she can glam up and looks great. Her make up brings out her eyes and her face is a picture of beauty in my eyes. For me Fearne is one of those girls who would be the perfect Girlfriend. She can look great in no make up and lounge clothes and then suddenly pull it out the bag for a night out. She is the girl most guys would kill to date too, as her attitude is pretty feisty but laid back.


This post may seem like I am Fan Boying out to her, and you'd be right. I didn't know what to write for a guest post so I thought I would simply show my love for Fearne Cotton. 

 Who are you Fan Girling about? What celeb/or whomever do you simply adore and love? 

Would love to hear yours @BinWWblog 

 All images taken from Google Images


  1. i love fearne cotton! will be checking out boy in womens wear! x

  2. I love fearnes hair and make up xx

  3. looooove ferne, great post :)

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  4. looooove ferne, nice post!

    PS. make sure to enter this new competition to win an iPad 3! click here.


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