Monday, June 10, 2013

Designer dress hire from WISHWANTWEAR.

Hello lovelies, Today i'm going to be showing this gorgeous dress from <a href="" class="noskim">Dresses to hire at wish want wear</a> . <a href="" class="noskim">Wish Want Wear</a> is a dress hire site that hires out thousands of dresses perfect for every occasion. I ordered the Sapphire mini from the designer Milly*

 Here it is...


To hire this dress is £75.00. 
The service I received was great and the dress came on the day I asked well ahead of the occasion, my grandma who took the package in said that the man who delivered the dress was lovely. The only problem I had was the dress didn't fit. Normally i'm somewhere in between a 10 and a 12 so I ordered both so I had options. In the end I decided that the 12 was to uncomfortable to wear as you can see in the photo the dress is pulling just where it sits under my boobs. I do advise you to try the dress before you hire with the try before you hire service that wish want wear offer. Other than the sizing issue I couldn't recommend Wish Want Wear enough. 



  1. that dress is so gorgeous

  2. lovely dress! shame about the sizing!! love your blog, followed!


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