Friday, June 28, 2013

June Beauty favourites

Hello lovelies, Today I have my beauty favourites of June for you. Recently the weather in britain hasn't been up to standard, We had such a nice and positive start to the month and its just gone down hill from there. Hopefully next month I will be showing you some more summery items. Anyway enough of the downers lets go onto something positive....


The first product I've been loving is  the Dainty Doll blusher in my girl RRP. £13.50 Fragrance direct price. £1.99 This is such a pretty blush its a Blue toned pink with extremely finely milled silver particles. It catches the light perfectly and looks amazing on pale skins. 

 The second product is a little bit of a cheat. It's the collection cream puff in fairy cake Superdrug/Boots £2.99 (which was included in last months favourites) but I just love it so much it's so pretty! Its perfectly matte yet not drying I couldn't speak any higher of them. My only annoyance is there's only 4 shades. I cant even imagine how excited i'd be if they ever bought out a red one! 

 Thirdly we have another collection product Collection fast stroke eyeliner in black. Superdrug/Boots £2.99 I picked this up on my recent trip to manchester as I'd heard many glowing reviews, and I'm so glad I did. It really is amazing It lasts all days and doesn't fade at all. Its so easy to apply and its so cheap!

 Fourth up is the Mua eye primer Superdrug/Mua website £2.50 This is amazing for the price it is. On the applicator its a very light beige but once you've blended it onto the eyelid with your finger it goes completely transparent. It helps keep my eyeshadow last all day and stops creasing completely. Its brilliant for the price. 

 Last but not least is the Maybelline colour show polka dots in speckled pink. £2.99 Boots/Superdrug (Can't find them on either website) This is so awesome they remind me of the brighter version of the illamasqua speckled polish. The only thing I wish was different about these is I wish they came of easier. The glitter is very persistent. I wouldn't mind some more colours either.



So that's it have a wonderful weekend,



  1. The MUA eye primer looks really good. Such a bargain price as well!

    1. It's such good quality for the price xxx

  2. I've still got to try the collection cream puffs! Will be picking them up when I next get the chance :)

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

    1. There amazing I can't rave about them enough xx

  3. The dainty doll blusher looks so beautiful, definitely need to try some of their products!



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