Friday, June 14, 2013

The room tour series - The Drawers

Hello lovelies, so I've wanted to do a room tour for a while. But I worried about the length of the post, so i've decided to split it up and create a series. At the end of the series I will do a overview of the whole room. Therefor I saved you guys from a hugeeeeee long post and I gave myself extra post ideas! YAY! Sooooo onwards!


So here's the part of my room i'm posting about today. The purple clock is from argos. I have absolutely no idea what kind of tv I have all I know is it's from Tevion. (Being dead helpful here).


(I had to move these to get a decent photo sorry! ) The two jewelry stands hold most of my jewelry, the one with the long dress was from BHS a couple of years ago and the other was received as a gift.


My candle of choice at the moment is the copenhagen candle companys white flowers which adds a beautiful light floral scent to the room. Around my candle I have some little trinkets, the owls were bought by my grandad when I went through what my family call the owl obsession which is kind of ironic as now I'm terrified of any birds. The scarab beetle is said to bring good luck and I bought the little pyramid when we went to the king tut exhibition in Manchester.


On the handle of my top drawer I have this cute little wooden heart with my name on. Again this came on a gift but I think it was from Ebay. So that's it for the outside here's what's in my drawers.


The top drawer holds pj's and sports clothes.

Up next is T shirts and vests.

In this drawer is shorts and leggings.

and finally we have a really boring drawer with towels in it. Exciting!!!

 So that's it I hope you enjoyed this post.  



  1. Great post, I love these as I'm really nosy haha! x

  2. Lovely post!!! Love having a nose through peoples draws!!! xx


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