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Beauty ¦ What's in my Z palette's (Makeup Geek and Mac)

Guess who's back, back, back, back again. Okay enough of that, I'm back and today I thought I would show you what is in my Z palettes. I've done posts showing little individual small makeup geek hauls but today I thought I would show you all the shadow I have. I have a couple of MAC shadows in my lilac palette as I am hoping that by putting them in my palette I am going to use them more.
So lets start of with the black palette.
Row 1 ¦
Left to Right -
Vanilla Bean - This is an almost matte cream highlight shade which works really well for a subtle highlight but is also a brill shade to use to neutralise the lid
Shimma Shimma - Pink toned highlight shade with a metallic finish, this one is perfect for a quite intense highlight although it can be sheered out a little for a less intense finish.
Beaches'n'cream - This is a light orange-y brown cream shade, it's quite warm and is perfect for a all over the lid shade.
Peach Smoothie - This one is a lighter more peach version of Beaches'n'cream, I find this one is the most perfect transition and blending shade and I always find myself reaching for it.
Crème Brule - This shade is a light warm brown shade, it's one of those real basic shades that I find myself reaching for more than I thought I would.
Cinderella - This one is a medium pink shade with plenty of shimmer in it, I absolutely love this one all over the lid with Cupcake in the crease.
Cupcake - This one is a stunning matte medium dusty rose shade, I love using this one in the crease to add a little bit of colour to an eye look.

Row 2 ¦
Unexpected - A matte grey lilac shade that works well as a subtle crease shade.
Twilight - This one is a slightly darker shimmery version of unexpected, I actually really like to pair the two together for a subtle purple eye.
Purely Naked - A warm medium brown shade with a peachy undertone, this shade does have some shimmer in the pan however it is so finely milled it is barely noticeable on the lids.
Latte - Medium brown with a very slight warm undertone, it is a darker shade than purely naked and has much less warmth to it.
Bleached Blonde - This is a very cool toned gold shade, it is so stunning and metallic and makes a beautiful all over the lid shade.
Glamourous - A very warm gold shade, this one is not only much warmer than Bleached blonde but it is also much darker.
Frappe - This is similar to latte however it has a lot more warm tones to it, also when swatched it is a little lighter than latte.

Row 3 ¦
Mango Tango - This shade is absolutely incredible, for someone who doesn't wear colour this is pretty out there. It is a stunning pinky coral shade which looks incredible in the crease.
Cosmopolitan - This one is one of my favourite shades, it is the most incredible metallic rosy shade with lots of gold shimmer. On the lid it looks absolutely incredible especially with a black in the crease.
In the spotlight (Foiled shadow) - This is the only foiled shadow I have purchased so far. It is a stunning peachy shimmery shade, I personally like to press this all over the lid with Mango tango in the crease for a super warm corally eye look.
Goddess - This is a similar shade to Cosmopolitan however it is much less metallic. There is a little bit less pink in it but otherwise it is very similar in shade.
Cocoa Bear - This is just the best warm brown crease shade, it's completely matte and just works well with basically any neutral look.
Sensuous - This one is a medium purple shade which works well as a crease shade for a light purple look but also as a lid shade for an intense purple smokey eye.
Mocha - This shade is a fairly neutral chocolate brown shade which again makes a really lovely crease shade, again it is a completely matte shade.

Row 4 ¦
Bada Bing - A really dark fairly cool toned brown with lots of gold shimmer in it.
Bitten - Medium metallic cranberry shade, I really love to pair this one with Cinderella and Cupcake for a pinky smokey eye.
Cherry Cola - This one is a completely matte brown toned burgundy which I sometimes use in place of a black if I'm wearing a fairly dark eye look.
Burlesque - This one is another burgundy shade which in the pan looks similar to Bitten however it is must more of a purple toned burgundy than a red toned one like Bitten. It is also a much more metallic shade.
Drama Queen - A very dark metallic true purple with a fairly neutral undertone.
Corrupt - A matte black.

Moving onto the Lilac palette -
Row 1 ¦
All That Glitters (Mac) - This is such a massively hyped shadow, it's a warm peachy light shade which is a lovely all over the lid shade.
Mai Tai (Duochrome eyeshadow) - I have no idea how to describe this shade it is honestly incredible. It's a really pretty pink in some lights whilst in other it's a lot more orangey pink.
Chickadee - This is an incredible yellowy orange which is completely matte, I'm not 100% sure how I am going to wear this yet but I'm excited to play around with it.
Casino - Another gold shade, this one is somewhere in between Bleached blonde and Glamourous. It is a very warm gold which is a little lighter than Glamourous. This makes an incredible all over the lid shade.
Poppy - This is a red orange shade which looks so cool in the crease again to add a little pop of colour.
Morocco - This is a true dark orange shade which I haven't tried again although I am vey excited to give it a go.
Roulette - A metallic coppery shade which honestly looks so incredible on the lid with a bit of black in the crease for a super easy smokey eye.
Row 2 ¦
Patina (Mac) - I honestly don't really have much of an opinion on this shade, it's a fairly cool toned brown shade but I just don't find that it translates onto the lid.
Woodwinked (Mac) - A warm light coppery gold shade, again not a shade I reach for as I find it lacks the pigment.
Wild West - A very warm red brown shade, the colour really reminds me of the colour of a dark clay. It works really lovely in the crease. This one is a matte shade.
Brownie Points - This is a cool taupe-y brown shade which is completely matte.
Satin Taupe (Mac) - Another massively hyped shade. I do like this one however I don't find myself reaching for it as it is so cool toned. It's a purple-y taupe shade which looks really pretty all over the lid.


  1. This was so helpful, wish Cosmo wasn't sold out as it looks amazing. There's so so many to choose from. Love the foiled ones xx

    Tamz |

  2. Great post Cole you have such a variety of shades and you've made me add even more to my Wishlist!

    Lucy |

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one with multiple Z-palettes of Makeup Geek eyeshadows! I just love them! Beautiful collection :) x

    Beekeyper - Latest post - Top Travel Tips to Eliminate Stress this Summer

  4. I am very jealous of your eyeshadow collection right now!

    Love Jen,
    Velvet Spring | Beauty Lifestyle and Fashion

  5. I love all the different shades you have, such versatile palettes. I really want to try Makeup Geek shadows, I still haven't got around to it!

    Just Little Things

  6. All of these shadows are so gorgeous! I don't have the color cupcake but now I think I need it! I love MUG shadows. They are so blendable and pretty.

    Jenny Loves Beauty

  7. Love the colours you have chosen! Makes it a very usable palette!

  8. There are so many of my favourites here and few I don't have. I love the look of Mango tango. Chickadee is one of my favourite shades I like in crease with when i'm going for a orangey eye look xx

    LPage Beauty

  9. I love these kinds of posts! Frappe, Woodwinked, Peach Smoothie and All That Glitters are some of my favourites :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty


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