Thursday, June 09, 2016

Lifestyle ¦ A month of Grazing #1

 I love a good graze box, I thought posting every week about one box would get a little boring so I thought I would post once a month about all the boxes I had received that month.
This months first two boxes were definitely my favourites I absolutely love the Savoury graze snacks and the first two boxes of the month were completely savoury. Starting off with box one it contained The British barbeque which has basil baguettes, rosemary crostini and smoked almonds and seeds. The smoked almonds are absolutely delicious and I really wish I could buy them by the bag full. Next up we had Habas tapas which has jumbo chilli corn, plain roasted corn and chilli broad beans. This one is one of my all time favourite graze snacks as it has just enough heat to it without it being super spicy.
The other two snacks in this box were two that I haven't tried before, I quite liked the Smokehouse barbeque crunch however I kind of wished that the corn chips has a little bit of flavour to them. I really enjoyed the barbeque peas and the chilli corn. Finally we had the Veggie Caesar salad which contained edamame beans which are 100% my favourite thing right now, I really enjoyed the sour cream and onion half popped corn however I did find that the cheddar bruschetta was a little to fake cheesey for my liking.

Onto the next box, I think this was my favourite box of the month. The Spicy Thai sriracha peas were absolutely delicious. They were pretty spicy so if you aren't a fan of spice I'd definitely say perhaps give these a miss but if you are a fan of spice they are definitely worth a try. Protein cashew kick was so good, I have a mild obsession with chickpeas so when I saw this box contained a snack which involved spicy chickpeas I was pretty excited. I also really enjoyed the chilli and lime cashews as they were lovely and fresh as well a having a little bit of a kick.
Herby bread basket is a snack I have had many times before and one I absolutely love. The oregano rice crackers taste a little Asian and add a little bit of something extra. Whilst the garlic crostini and the basil baguettes add a little bit of traditional herbyness. Finally we have the Sweet Memphis barbeque out of this one and the smokehouse barbeque crunch this one is definitely my favourite. I absolutely loved the salsa peanuts with the barbeque peas and the addition of the rice sticks just added a little more crunch.

Next up we have Zesty lime and red pepper salsa, this was really lovely the salsa was nice and spicy without being overly blow your head off hot. The pitta chips were also nice although I must say I definitely wish that they had a little bit of flavouring to them as I did end up with a couple left over after I had finished the salsa. The Lightly slated pop corn is super yummy and something I really enjoy every time that I get it in one of my boxes.
The Chocolate teacake is one of the very few sweet snacks I really enjoy from graze. The little cookies are super crunchy whilst the marshmallows, cranberries and strawberry drops add some softer textures. I really like the strawberry drops as they taste very natural and healthy rather than very fake. Finally for this box we have the Sour cream and garlic crostini. The sour cream and onion cashews are another snack I wish I could buy in massive bags. I also really like the combination with the garlic crostini.

Moving onto this months final box, i'm going to be honest and say I wasn't the biggest fan of this one. I really love Belgian speculoos which is cinnamon breadsticks with a cookie dip and it is absolutely delicious. I also quite like Everything bagel which is just onion and sesame sticks however I wasn't a fan of the other two. I'm not the biggest fan of dried coconut so Yummertime punch really wasn't for me as it's pretty heavy on the coconut front, I also found that Jam doughnut was a little artificial. The sponge was very hard and I found that the raspberry cranberries were incredibly artificial nd fake tasting.
So that's it for this months Graze box post, I'd love to know if you guys enjoyed this layout and this post. 

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