Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Beauty ¦ The Body shop All in one BB cream

I've been on the lookout for a super comfortable lightweight base for such a long time and I am so glad to have finally found one that I really love. Now this is super low coverage however I am having a pretty good time with my skin so I have found myself reaching for it a lot. It comes out of the tube as a white very thin liquid which then colour adapts to the skin when you begin to blend it in. I personally like this applied with a brush or my fingers however I do find I get even less coverage when I use my beauty blender.
The colour works really well for me, I'm never very sold on the whole colour adapting formula however I do find that this one definitely works. The finish is incredibly dewy and I feel like if you have oily skin then this one is probably not for you. Even on my super dry skin I still have to put a little bit of powder just to make sure I'm not to dewy. Lasting power wise I get a good 7-8 hours wear out of this one when I pair it with a little powder under my eyes and on my T-zone.
Overall I really love this product, I absolutely cannot wait to wear it on holiday paired with lots of highlight, bronzer and an orange lip. Let me know if you've given this product a go and what your opinions of it are! 


  1. I took this to Spain with me last week for my holiday and it was just the perfect product! I do find that I have to pair it with powder or else I do end up looking oily but its just such an easy product to wear, especially in hot weather


  2. My mum recently bought this and asked me if I want to try it out. I'll have to give it a go after this review! x

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