Thursday, June 23, 2016

Blog ¦ Do I need a product directory?

So I have had a product directory on and off for about 2 years so today I though I would write about it for all you lovely bloggers who are thinking about creating one. So first off if you aren't sure what a product directory is, it is a collection of links from all the products that have been reviewed on your blog. I currently have mine backdated to January 2016 as I'm pretty rubbish at keeping it updated.
One thing I do find it really useful for is to track what I have reviewed and when I go back when writing a post it makes it very easy to find a review if I want to link it in a post I am writing, in terms of increasing traffic I don't find it has a massive impact however I do find that when I first go onto a blog if I enjoy the posts I always check to see whether they have a product directory.
Overall I think if you are able to keep up and remember to update your product directory I think it is a really fab way to both keep track and to help drive a little extra traffic to some old posts. Mine is //here// if you fancy a nosey. I'd love to know if you have one and if you find it to be useful or just a pain!


  1. I've never heard of a product directory so I have certainly learnt something new from this! I love your blog layout ♥

  2. Having a directory is such a good idea! I've been on blogs that have them and when I'm after a particular review it's so handy :) x


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