Saturday, June 18, 2016

Beauty ¦ Cohorted beauty June 2016

So this is the first Cohorted box that I have received and I have to say I am pretty impressed. I know some people have had trouble with Cohorted and that some people find the boxes very repetitive however I think for £35 I can definitely not complain. I will say thought it did take ages to come. On the website it says that the box should be with you between the 5th and the 10th however I didn't actually receive mine till the 15th.
So the first thing in my box was the HD brows eye and brow palette in foxy this palette contains 4 shadows/brow powders and one setting wax. I feel like this palette has such a good mix of shades for all hair colours. It also contains a highlighting shade which I feel like would make a really lovely all over the lid colour. The powders feel incredibly creamy and I'm very excited to give them  go on both my eyes and brows. Next up we have the Nars velvet gloss lip pencil in Hopi. I have heard so many things about the velvet matte lip pencils however I haven't heard that much about the glossy pencils. This shade is so lovely, it's what I would describe as a dark terracotta nude which I wasn't sure would suit me however I really love the way it looks on me.

Next up we have a Lord and berry supreme liner in smart blue, I'm definitely not one for blue liner however this is a really pretty dark navy and I'm excited to try it out on my eyes. I find that when I have swatched it on my hand it feels very creamy and it seems to smudge quite well so I could see it working well on the upper lash line to add some smokiness to a look. I feel like out of the entire box this is the thing that I am the least excited about however I am sure that I will get a little bit of use out of it. The final item in the box is the James Read wash off tan for the body. I love a good tan and I have to say my first impressions are pretty good for one it doesn't smell like biscuits which is one of my biggest problems with tans, I've also applied a little to my skin and it is a really lovely natural bronze shade. I find a lot of wash off tans can be quite fake looking whereas this one is a nice natural shade.  

I'd love to know your opinion on Cohorted's boxes! Let me know in the comments if you think they are a waste of money or they are a bargain. 

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  1. I've never tried a Cohorted box but this looks fab! Blue eyeliner is a really great way to update your usual black and add colour x

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