Monday, December 18, 2017

Blogmas Day eighteen - Jeffree Star Christmas collection 2017

I was so excited for this collection to be released, for a start the packaging is absolutely stunning, the glitter gradient is so beautiful and the holo uni-carton is just something else. Moving onto the shades, I'm going to go through them all individually and discuss the pros and cons to each shade. But I have to say overall I'm impressed. 

Poinsettia, Christmas cookie, Medusa, First class, Berries on ice, Human nature, Santa baby, Mermaid blood. 
The first shade is Christmas cookie which is a beautiful peachy nude. On me this is actually a fairly medium nude however on most skin tones this one is definitely going to come across as more of a light nude. It is heavily orange toned however still has a slight brown undertone too it. The formula on this one is very lightweight and opaque in one swipe. 

Human nature is a gorgeous purple toned, deep nude shade. I think this is my favourite shade out of the bunch as it is a nude but it's also something a little different. The formula of this one is very similar to some of the basic shades in the range. It is super thin and incredibly opaque in one swipe. 

First class is not a shade I'm going to get a lot of wear out of it. It's an incredibly metallic gold shade which has a very thick formula. I find that this one needs at least two coats at the least as it can be very patchy. 

Poinsettia is definitely the most festive out of all the shades, it is a stunning metallic red with a gold sheen to it. Again like first class I find this one is again very patchy although it takes a little less messing around with than first class does. 

Santa baby is such a me shade, it is a beautiful deep purple toned red. This one takes a little finessing however I find I can get away with still only doing one coat. This one again is very thin so sits incredibly comfortably on the lips. 

Berries on ice is fairly similar to Santa baby, it's a little deeper and more purple toned. These are just one of my favourite kind of shade. This one again needs a little bit of finessing however it is such a stunning shade it is so worth the little bit of faff. 

Mermaid blood is one of the first shades that was revealed and it was actually the one that made me think, yes I need this collection. This is the most incredible deep teal shade which is so opaque in one swipe. If you are into blue shades then you need this one in your life. 

The final shade in the collection is medusa which is a deep grey blue shade. It reminds me of NYX stone fox which is one of my favourite weirder lip shades. Again like mermaid blood this one is very pigmented and opaque in one swipe. 

So that's it for today's post! I'd love to know if you have tried any of the shades from this collection. 


  1. I've never bought any JS products - just not my kind of products! xx


  2. Each and every shade looks amazing on you! Whenever Jeffree brings out a new collection, I love the look of the more 'out there' shades and wonder how wearable they could be - the way you've done your eyeshadow looks great with every shade of lipstick!
    Amber |

  3. These are all so stunning! I love the nude and the darker red and berry shades!xx

    Lucy |

  4. the green looks amazing on you!!!

  5. Christmas Cookie is such a fab shade x

  6. What a gorgeous collection! I hope this restocks on Beauty Bay, as it's too good to pass up! All of the colours look great on you xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  7. The packaging is so festive looking!

  8. That Green is such a fabulous shade and I adore the packaging x

  9. These are all lovely you suit them all xxxx

  10. Wow i love all of these! The metallic red is my fave though! X

  11. Girl that red is STUNNING on you!! Such a shade you find it patchy, it doesn’t translate on camera though it looks gorgoeus on you!
    Chantelle x

  12. I appreciate how great they look on you, but not a brand I love x

  13. I haven’t tried anything from this brand but I’ve heard great things on the whole x

  14. Christmas Cookie looks like a beautiful shade.

    Roxie |

  15. Wow they look fabulous on you! X

  16. Not gonna lie I really want to cry now - I was SO poor when they launched, and couldn't afford any of them! :(

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  17. I wish I liked JS as his products look fab but I don't buy into this brand x

  18. I love the liquid lipsticks! Just a nice formula x


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