Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Blogmas Day 20 ¦ Rimmel Provacalips lip lacquers

I have bought a ridiculous amount of liquid lipsticks in the past couple of months (a huge haul/new in post will be up after Christmas). I picked one of these for my Rimmel testing makeup video and one purchase led to 3 more as I completely love them. These are some of the most comfy drugstore liquid lipsticks I have tried. You can either wear them matte or add the sealing top coat which makes the finish a little more glossy. I personally find they wear much better when worn in conjunction with the top coat although I do still get a good 7-8 hours wear out of them minus the top coat. I have honestly not tried another Liquid lip that stays as nicely without feeling drying at all with the top coat I can get 8+ hours out of this which is just insane.
I love the packaging as I like to be able to find things easily in my makeup collection and when the bottles are the same colour as the shade it makes it so much easier. The applicators on these are just your basic doe foot which holds just enough product to do the entire lips. These are opaque in one coat and if you do feel the need to top up during the day they layer really nicely with or without the top coat. One thing I would say is that if you don't wait for the lipstick to dry down completely it can end up separating when you apply the top coat so I make sure to give it a good 30-40 seconds to dry before I use the top coat.
Make your move, I'll call you, Not guilty, Kiss of fire
Shade wise I have Make your move which is a gorgeous peachy nude shade, I'll call you which isn't as bright as in the tube it is more of a mauvey pink. Not guilty is the perfect shade for autumn/winter it is a beautiful berry red and then finally I have the shade Kiss of fire which is a stunning red shade. This is more pink toned than blue and I really love it.
So that's it for today! I'd love to know what your favourite liquid lipsticks are.

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  1. i seriously need to get a good liquid lipstick as i can never find a normal lippy that stays. maybe I should take a look at these ones xxx



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