Friday, December 23, 2016

Blogmas Day 23- Blogging goals for 2017

I feel like I've really neglected my blog this year as I've got more and more into Youtube and in all honesty I really miss being able to sit down and write a post and enjoy doing it. I've been forcing content out all year and I feel like I was more bothered about quantity rather than quality. Today I thought I would get some blogging goals down so I can look back at them in a year and hopefully I will be much happier with my blog.
1. Go for quality over quantity.
In the first few months of the year I am going to drop myself down to 3 posts a week. I got to the point where 4 was impossible but I was more focused on getting out the content and giving myself a break. I'm also not going to panic if I haven't got a post. I'm sure you would rather have one fab post than three mediocre posts with crappy photography.
2. Work on my photography.
You will all probably know that at the beginning of last year I bought myself a DSLR and to be quite honest I have little idea of how to use it properly. I'm going to be working a lot harder with my photography and I'm going to be doing a lot of reading up on my camera.  
3. Step out of my Niche.
I love beauty, I always will but I also want to feel happy about posting other content on my blog. Every time I put a post up which isn't beauty related I panic about if people will be interested in it or are they just here for the beauty. I feel like in the past couple of weeks I have realised that if someone doesn't want to read a post that's fine as someone else may really enjoy reading it.
4. Interact more.
I used to comment on so many blogs and recently I have pretty much stopped completely, in the new year I am going to make time to tell someone how much I love their photography or how interesting their post was.
So that's it for todays post. I am aware this is only a few goals but I didn't want to overload myself.
Cole x

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