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Blogmas Day 11 ¦ The (finally) full makeup geek palette tour

If you are a regular you will know how much I adore the makeup geek eyeshadows and after finally completing both my palettes I thought I would show you all the shades I have. I have a variation of mostly the standard shadows however I have a few duo chrome shades and one of the foiled shades. I really love these shadows the large majority of them are beautifully pigmented and buttery. However there are a few of the matte shades that are a little dry but I kind of expect that from a collection of shadows this big. Despite the fact they are a little dry they still work nicely on the eyes however they do require a little extra blending. So without further ado lets get on with it or we could be here forever.

Left to Right -
Anarchy -
Warm metallic pink/red similar to Warm notes in the Zoeva Cocoa blend palette, looks stunning pressed on the lid with purples in the crease.
Bake sale -
 Medium matte warm brown, perfect transition for a darker eye and crease shade for a lighter look.
Bada bing -
Matte cool dark brown with heavy gold shimmer, this looks so intense and gold glittery in the pan however I don't find it picks up on the eyes really.
Beaches and cream -
Light peach blending shade, this is slightly cooler and less orange than peach smoothie however it stills makes a beautiful blending and transition shade.
Bitten -
This is one of the shades which is just a little bit drier, it's a stunning deep burgundy colour. I would definitely say that it is very similar to Cherry cola just a little more pink so you really don't need them both.
Bleached blonde -
Cool golden metallic shade, not one I reach for often as it is cool toned however it does look really beautiful especially when applied wet.
Brownie points -
 Another basic crease shade, this one is a lot more cool toned than any of the others I have so I often use it just to tone down a look a little bit.

Burlesque -
Out of the three deep burgundy shades I have this one is my favourite, as it has shimmer it isn't anywhere near as dry as Bitten and is just a little bit easier to work with overall.
Casino -
This is the most incredible warm yellowy gold shade however definitely not one for the faint hearted. It is so incredibly metallic however it is one of those shadows you have to be super careful that you don't make yourself look like you have a slightly yellowing black eye.
Cherry cola -
Again like Bitten I find this one to be dry, this is definitely the hardest out of the three to work with and one I tend to not reach for. In terms of shade it is more brown and less red than Bitten however on the eyes they have pretty much the same effect.
Chickadee -
I love this shade for blending out orangey smokey eyes. It's a beautiful matte mustard shade which also works really well in a sunset eye.
Cinderella -
This one is a really pretty baby pink shimmer, I love these kind of shades as you can just do so much with them. This one isn't to pink that it makes your eyes look sore but it also isn't to frosty so we don't feel like we are having a late nineties throwback.
Cocoa bear -
This one is definitely one of my most used shades in my palettes. It is just the ultimate crease shade and I would say this should be one of the first you buy along with either Peach smoothie or Beaches and cream. It's a really standard very warm reddy brown and I wear it a massive amount.
Confection -
Another pink shade, this one is slightly cooler than the other baby pink I have. It makes a really nice base for a basic matte look and if I'm feeling super lazy I just use this and cocoa bear and I'm good to go.

Corrupt -
This is just the best matte black I have ever tried. It is incredibly pigmented without it being chalky. It blends beautifully which is a problem I have with a lot of black shades.
Cosmopolitan -
This shade is just insane, it's a stunning rose gold metallic shade and it is so damn pretty. I love wearing this one pressed over the lid and really blended out with a nice warm brown.
Crème brule -
Again another great basic matte shade, this is another one I would recommend for a basic start out kit. This is one of the ones that I reach for a lot as it is just a easy shadow to work with.
Cupcake -
This shade is so pretty, for someone who used to be terrified of colour this one is pretty out there for me. This is a gorgeous one for blending out a burgundy smokey eye but it is also stunning all over the lid.
Curfew -
This is a stunning medium purple shade, I haven't used this one loads as I haven't had it for long however so far I really like it. I used it in the crease of Anarchy which looked so beautiful.
Desert sands -
This is very similar to Chickadee in tone however it is much darker and has a lot more green in it. Again this is one of my new ones which I haven't actually used yet but I am excited to.
Dirty martini -
I feel like this one would look stunning in the crease of Desert sands. It is a gorgeous dark olive green shade, it's not one I use a lot however it's one I do really love.

Drama queen -
A very deep metallic purple shade. I absolutely love this one for a purple smokey eye.
Frappe -
This is another one of those fabulous basic shades. This is an absolutely fabulous crease shade as well as making a nice base for a darker eye look.
Galaxy -
Galaxy is another new one I am yet to use, in the pan it looks fairly green however once swatched it's more like a teal/blue shade. I cannot wait to use this one in a smokey eye.
Glamourous -
This one is like Casinos more orange sister, whilst casino is very warm and yellowy this one has more orange to it making it even warmer. This is another of the super metallic shades in my collection.
Goddess -
This paired with Glamourous is just a match made in heaven, it's once again a very warm toned brown shade. This is another heavily metallic shade so if you aren't into shimmer then this probably isn't for you.
Havoc (Duochrome) -
This one reminds me so much of swatches I've seen of Mac Blue brown, it just looks absolutely stunning and is one of those shadows that looks like you have made loads of effort when in fact you haven't

Ice queen -
This is just your standard basic white with a slight shimmer. This one makes a beautiful really intense highlight and looks stunning on the inner corner.
In the spotlight (Foiled) -
This shade is so gorgeous, it's an incredibly metallic pinky peach shade which is perfect both on it's own and paired with other shades.
Latte -
Another basic matte brown, this one is a slightly darker, slightly cooler toned version of Frappe.
Mai tai (Duochrome) -
Avery pretty peach shade with a yellow gold duochrome. I have to say I was a tiny bit disappointed with this as it didn't find it really looked duochrome at all on the lid.
Mango tango -
This was the shadow that started my obsession with pink/orangey/warm toned shades. It is a stunning corally pink which is perfect for adding a little colour to a look.
Mocha -
Out of my entire palette this is my least favourite. I find it is just really patchy and the pigmentation isn't great so it isn't one I ever reach for.
Moondust -
This shadow is like nothing I have ever used, it is a beautiful silvery grey shade however it has a lot of tiny golden shimmer in it which is just stunning. I feel like this one paired with Galaxy would be a winning smokey eye combination.

Morocco -
This is one of my favourite shadows of all time. A stunning burnt orange matte shade it makes the perfect fade/transition shade for a really dark smokey eye to add a bit of warmth but it also looks stunning built up in the crease.
Neptune -
This is definitely the brightest shade in my palette, I love pressing this under the lower lash line to just add a subtle pop of colour to my makeup.
Peach smoothie -
The worlds best transition/blending shade. This could make the shoddiest of blending look flawless and it is a shadow I couldn't be without.
Petal pusher -
This is a really pretty pinky grey shade. I love this for cooling down pink eye looks a little and bringing in a little bit of grey.
Pocket change -
Another new one which I'm yet to use, it is a really pretty gold shade not to warm, or to cool. I feel like it is one I will wear a lot.
Poppy -
This one is a pinky red shade which is definitely not for the faint hearted. It definitely swings more pink than red although it can be built up for quite an intense almost red colour.
Purely naked -
This is a fairly plain shade and one I rarely ever reach for. It is almost exactly the same as crème brule bar the addition of some very tiny shimmer.

Rapunzel -
A really pretty cream sparkly shade, again a fab highlight but it also has enough colour to it to be used as an all over lid shade.
Roulette -
This is very similar to Cosmopolitan just without as much of the gold. It's a really lovely warm pinky brown and brilliant for this time of year.
Sensuous -
A very grey toned purple shade with a really pretty shimmer.
Shimma shimma -
This is just the best super intense highlight. It's packed with shimmer and looks absolutely stunning. It also works really nicely on the cheeks if that's what you want.
Simply Marlena -
Another super bright shade, this is a stunning bright pink which I absolutely love pairing with lighter pinks.
Sorbet -
This is one of the shades that pairs beautifully with Simply Marlena. This on is a really pretty subtle shade however it can be built up on the lid to a more intense colour.
Steampunk (Duochrome) -
This one is crazy it's like a grey blue shade but the duochrome is copper and I have to say it is single handily the coolest shadow I own.

Tuscan Sun -
Another fab transition for pink and orangey eye looks. It is a warm corally brown colour which does the perfect job of softening the edges.
Twilight -
A gorgeous grey toned lilac shimmer shade which is really fab for any type of purple smokey eye as a base.
Unexpected -
Unexpected is a very similar shade to Twilight however it's matte. It is around a shade or two darker so it does work nicely in the crease of it if I want a subtle purple look.
Vanilla bean -
This is your basic highlight shade which you pretty much find in every palette. A slight cream tint and lots of micro shimmer.
Wild west -
This is a very cool brown, not something I would reach for regularly however I felt like it would be a useful one to have in my collection just in case I needed it.
Vintage -
The final shade in my palette is Vintage which is a really pretty dark purple-brown shade. This is the perfect on to use to darken up a look without using a black and I've already got so much use of it.

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