Monday, December 19, 2016

Blogmas Day 19 ¦ Makeup collection - The run down - Eyes

I'm back again today with another section of my makeup collection. Today I thought I would show you all the eye products I have in my collection. This doesn't involve any palettes as I'm actually going to be doing an entire post dedicated to them! So without further ado lets get on with it.
So first off in the draw with my highlighters I keep my eye pencils and liners and my mascaras. I have far too many open mascaras at the moment but what can I do! My current favourite mascaras are Benefit They're real (which I have in a mini) and the Rimmel Volume colourist. In terms of liner I love the NYX Wonder pencil which is one of my favourite nude liner, in terms of liquid liners I am a little obsessed with the Eyeko liner which I actually got free in a gift with purchase. It lasts really well and is nice and black which is something I look for in a liner. I also really love the Rimmel and Kiko eyeshadow sticks and the NYX vivid brights liner.

In the next drawer down I have my smaller palettes and my single/duo shadows. Some of my favourite drugstore palettes are the Sleek palettes. They are beautifully pigmented and really creamy. Some other drugstore favourites are the Collection palettes and the Revlon sparkle palettes. I have to say though my favourites from this section have to be the Urban Decay Naked basics and my Illamasqua Vital palette which are both super basic matte palettes which I love to use in conjunction with one of my super sparkly shadows.

Finally we have my Single shadows. In here I have my cream shadows my favourites of which are the Maybelline colour tattoos and the Mac paint pots. For glitter and metallic shadows I absolutely love the Urban decay Moondust shadows, the NYX prismatic shades and the Makeup revolution awesome metals foils. For bright shades I love the NYX Primal colours and for you basic shades I think MUA and Makeup revolution do incredible single shadows for only £1. Another fab drugstore buy are the L'Oreal Colour riche eyeshadows which are honestly some of the creamiest most beautiful shadows I have ever tried.

So that's it for today, I really hope you guys enjoyed this post. I'd love to know what eye products you think I should add to my collection!

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