Saturday, December 24, 2016

Blogmas Day 24 - Soap and Glory Peach party multi blush brick.

So we are finally at the end of Blogmas. I'm probably going to have a couple of days break after this and the next post up will probably be Wednesday next week. I hope you have enjoyed this months posts also! I thought I'd finish off today with a product I have been really loving this past couple of weeks so without further ado lets get into it.
Peach party is something I've heard so many people talk about but something I've never tried. I decided to pick it up as Soap and glory were offering a gift with purchase and I'm so glad I did. It is a beautiful bronzey peach shade which just adds so much life to the face. It s very shimmery so if you don't like a shimmery blush I would suggest you avoid this however if you do then you should definitely give it a go. The thing I love most about this is that it adds some bronze as well as some peachiness meaning it just leaves your skin looking super healthy, I also find it actually lasts really well. A lot of blushes on me seem to disappear super quickly however this one really sticks around and it doesn't do what most shimmery blushes do which is the colour disappears and just the shimmer is left behind.

The other thing I really like about this product is even though it is quite heavily shimmery the shimmer is nice and finally milled meaning it gives you that glow that we all want but doesn't leave you looking like a disco ball. The packaging of this product is also fantastic, it is incredibly sturdy and I feel like it would travel really well without the worry of it shattering. It also has a nice big mirror which is something I really think adds value to any compact product.
If you are on the look out for a peachy blush I highly recommend that you look into this one as I am so much more impressed than I thought I would be.


  1. Great post! Love the different shades! I've never heard of the brand before but definitely going to check it out now. Merry Christmas, Isabella

  2. I cannot believe that Christmas has ended and how quickly this year has passed? That is a lovely peach blush, so pretty! x



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