Sunday, December 18, 2016

Blogmas Day 18 ¦ 5 of the best liquid lips

If you are a regular reader you will know that I currently have a rather serious addiction to Liquid lipsticks, so today I thought I would show you my top 5 favourites. Just to note these aren't in any particular order.
Starting us off we have the Body shop Matte lip liquids which are what I personally expected the NYX Soft matte lip creams to be like. These are a gorgeous mousse texture which means they don't cling to any dry patches and sit well on the lips. The only issue I have with the formula is that as it doesn't settle down to a flat matte lip most liquid lipsticks it doesn't quite have the wear time that I get out of a lot of the other ones in my collection. I definitely think these are the liquid lip for people who have extremely dry lips. These doe require a little building to get them to be completely opaque with some shades but that's just the nature of the formula.

Shade wise I have six of the twelve shades. The first is Sicily Iris which is the darkest shade in the collection. It is a gorgeous deep colour and one I've been wearing a lot. Taipei Orchid is a baby pink shade but it isn't too blue toned making it very wearable. Tokyo Lotus is a stunning bright pink shade which isn't a shade I would usually buy however I thought I would push myself out of my comfort zone. The next two shades are my favourites Crete Carnation is a stunning peachy nude shade and is one of those lip colours you could wear with literally anything and Nairobi Camellia is a gorgeous muted pink shade. Again another colour that works so beautifully with so many looks. The final shade I have is Mauritius Dahlia which is a stunning burgundy red shade.

Moving onto lip product number 2 we have the Sleek matte me's. These are one of the first liquid lipsticks that I tried and I do really love them. These set down very matte but don't feel like they are sucking all the life out of your lips. I find that the pale pink shade does apply slightly streaky however the other two shades are beautiful and opaque in one thin layer. I don't like the flat applicator on the two older ones as it is flat which I usually don't have a problem with however it is also very stiff which makes creating a precise line a little difficult.

Shade wise I have Velvet slipper which is the newest of the three with the improved applicator which is still very stiff however it is a doe foot so it makes it a little easier. This shade is a beautiful purple red shade which is perfect for this time of year. On the lips it looks a little more maroon once it has dried down. The Second shade I have is Petal which is a shade I do slightly regret buying as it is so ridiculously pale. I have to say I never wear this alone as I'm 110% sure I cannot pull off this shade however it is nice with a nude gloss over the top to deepen it slightly. The final Sleek shade I have is Birthday suit which has to be my favourite. It's a pinky brown nude which I love and wear a lot.

Next up we have the Gerard cosmetics Hydra matte's which are a really beautiful much thinner formula than the other two above. That being said they still go on beautifully opaque. What I love about this range is that there are some really cool wacky shades but they are still neutrals. I also think the frosted glass packaging makes them look so much more high end than they are. These are a teeny bit drying on the lips if you begin to layer them however I find I rarely have to reapply them so it is never really an issue for me.

I have three shades from this line, the first Ecstasy is the most beautiful pale purple shade. It isn't a lilac however meaning it doesn't wash me out and make me look a little weird. The second shade is Iced Mocha which is a stunning brown toned nude which is the perfect shade for when you want a dark lip but you still want something a little bit neutral. The final shade and definitely the most suitable if you aren't a fan of crazy colours is Serenity. I believe that this shade is actually a collaboration between Gerard cosmetics and Manny MUA however I am not 100% sure. This is a gorgeous peachy shade which looks equally beautiful with a super paired back look as it does with a super dramatic look. I feel like everyone should have a shade like this in their collection.

The fourth product I had to talk about is the Dose of Colours Matte lip liquids. These are one of the most velvety lip products I have ever tried and I honestly absolutely adore them. They have an incredible velvety finish which looks so flawless on the lips. They don't accentuate any lines in the lips or pick up on any dry patches. They also last really beautifully and unless you eat something super oily they actually wear quite nicely around the centre of the lips.

The shades I have in these are Truffle which is a gorgeous dark nude and the shade I have definitely heard the most about, we then have Bare with me which is a much lighter much peachier nude shade which I absolutely love on my skin tone. I first thought it might wash me out a little however it doesn't in the slightest. I absolutely love pairing this with a super dark smokey eye. The final shade pictured is Kiss of Fire which is a stunning pinky red shade. I tend to gravitate towards more pink toned reds so I get a lot of wear out of this one. I do actually own a fourth shade which I picked up after I had taken these photos. The shade in question is Brick which is a gorgeous brick red shade. It is perfect for this time of year if you want a dark lip but don't want anything too purple.

The final product I wanted to mention today are the NYX Liquid suede's. These are unlike any other liquid lip formula I have tried. They don't dry down to a matte finish however still have that intense staying power of a matte lip. They remain moveable meaning if they need to be topped up there is absolutely no flaking or anything super gross happening. Despite the fact they don't set down I don't find that they end up smudged all over my face or bleed at all. They are ever so slightly glossy when first applied however after they have been worn for a few hours you are left with a more satin finish.

So shade wise for these I have Stone fox which is the most beautiful blue grey shade. It isn't actually one I've been brave enough to wear out of the house yet but I do kind of love it. The other two shades I have are both very me shades. The first being Vintage which is an absolutely gorgeous burgundy red shade which is just so perfect for this time or year and the second is Soft spoken which is a fairly dark browny nude which I am currently a little obsessed with.
So that's it for today guys, I'd love you to let me know what Liquid lip formulas I need to try next!


  1. loveee all of these shades, especially the pinky nudes :) xxx

  2. The Sleek Matte Mes look so nice, really need to pick up some of those! Love DOC colours too, their shade range is superb, great post! Xx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin


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