Monday, December 12, 2016

Blogmas Day 12 ¦ Keeping organised

A couple of months ago a couple of girls on twitter said they would like to see me do a post about blog organisation so today I thought I would go through some of my favourite organisational tips that help me keep on top of doing both Vlogmas and Blogmas.
1. Lists!
I cannot stress how important lists are as a way to keep organized. I know not everyone finds them useful however I would highly suggest you give them a go. By writing a to do list for the week I am fully aware of everything that I need to do that week which means I can then plan my time effectively. Also who doesn't feel at least some accomplishment when you are able to tick something off a list.
2. Scheduling
I honestly don't know how I used to sit and write every post I put up on the day it went up. It often meant I missed days and when you are trying to stick to a schedule missing days wont make you feel good about blogging. I find scheduling a lifesaver and always have a couple of posts and videos  ready to go just in case.
3. Bulk photography
This is something that I never used to do and I would just take the photos as I wrote the posts which left me a large majority of the time with grainy dark photos. I now take the opportunity when the weather is nice to bulk take at least 10 posts worth of photos meaning if we have a couple of very dark grey days I have plenty of photos.
4. Tracking posts and videos
This is a big one for me as I have a habit of thinking that's a brilliant idea for a post and then realising that I have already done it only a month ago. This is also better for readers and watchers as obviously they aren't seeing the same content over and over.
5. Keep it stress free
I think the big thin g with organisation is that people end up stressing over it. You need to find ways in which you can organise things without making yourself unhappy. If you do that then re only going to fall out of love with blogging and that is not what you want!
So that's it guys, there is 5 tips to help you stay organised. I'd love to know what your favourite ways to keep organised are.

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