Sunday, May 04, 2014

What's in my bag?

This is honestly all that is in my bag, I haven't had it long hence why its not filled with receipts and loose change yet. My phone is usually in here but it wasn't when I was taking the photos so it isn't in the picture. My bag is from H&M but I don't think they do it anymore as it's gone of the website, sorry! 

New look purse - I really like this purse it's a gorgeous plummy colour and has loads of space. 

Primark sunglasses - With the rain at the moment and umbrella would be more sensible to carry round instead of these but when have I ever been sensible. 

Batiste dry shampoo in cherry - Most people carry around the little batiste's but I refuse to pay the price for such a little bottle as they only last me about 4 uses so instead I lug around a big bottle. 

Apple headphones - I haven't really got anything to say about these. 

Extra Peppermint chewing gum - You never know when you will need chewing gum and this one is my favourite. 

Black makeup bag - These are my just in case I forget my actual makeup bag products, I have a couple of lip balms Rimmel Kate moss 107 and Essence all about cupcake (As I have two of both of these they just stay in my bag all the time) and a Rimmel lip gloss. 

The body shop hemp hand protector - I love this hand cream but the packaging is really awkward for having in my bag as it gets a mess. 

Marks and Spencer Blissful strawberry hand cream - I don't even know why I have two hand creams but this one smells amazing! 

The body shop coconut hand santitizer - You never know when you will need to clean your hands and this smells much better than a lot of hand sanitizers. 

Sweetex - I have to have these in my tea as I'm not meant to have proper sugar because of my brace. 

Brace elastics - I have to put rubber bands on my brace now and they break all the time so I like having a packet in my bag just in case. 

A torch - This is possibly the strangest thing in my bag, but you never know when you will need a torch! 

House key - There is really nothing interesting here. 

A couple of blue pens - I always seem to need to write things down and it's always handy to have a pen in your bag. 

and finally..... 

An empty packet of mentos - Oooops!  

So that's it guys, sorry this wasn't the most interesting what's in my bag post! 

Cole Xo 


  1. Great whats in my bag post!! :)
    Ava xox

  2. I love seeing inside other people's bags. When I eventually get my Bayswater I might do one of these posts too x

  3. loved this post! and the content <3
    lots of love heather @

  4. Love the bag, always love dry shampoo x

  5. Great post! Love your handbag! :)

    Lauren x


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