Sunday, May 11, 2014

#Ablogadayforthewholeofmay Day 11 - Jenny on Illamsqua

I figured I would put together a little Illamasqua Haul for you all so you can get a taste of the brand if you are new to the collection.

This palette really appealed to me with the beautiful neutral tones making this a great choice for everyday wear and all occasions, because this palette is neutral toned it makes a great investment piece for your first eye shadow palette and it goes well with other palettes to blend colours together. My favourite shades in this palette have to be the white ( ) and black () as these colours can easily be mixed to highlight and used as eyeliner. I find the gold beautiful as it looks incredible with shimmer to really make your eye pop! The brown is another nice addition to this palette and works well with the gold when mixed! I find these shades last hours and like all Illamasqua products they are very pigmented making them last even longer without primer so this make a great first palette if your new to the brand.

                                        Illamasqua Gleam in Aurora

This has to be one of my most favourite highlighters, mainly because it gives a beautiful natural glow but it's also easy to apply and very creamy! The consistency is thick but once applied to the skin it melts giving a nice creamy texture that can easily be buffed into the brow bone, cheek bone, cupids bow to enhance certain features of your face using the Real Technique buffing brush or something similar, even your hands work if you prefer this method.

I find it gives a beautiful natural finish and can be applied below foundation or on top for more impact! The highlighter lasts all day and looks beautiful during summer when the sun shines on your skin giving a gorgeous illuminating effect with the subtle pearl/sparkles inside the formula.

This lipstick was bought on a whim when I really wanted a nice deep plum shade for Autumn/Winter. I love this lipstick and the sleek packaging, it comes in great for nights out or casual and you can also use a lip brush to give it a more light texture and look if you find it very deep when applied straight from the tube. This lipstick is not so drying compared to other Illamasqua ones but it's still best to use a lip butter to moisturise the lips before application. The overall effect of this lipstick gives a nice vampy look if you love darker shades in the Winter and also has hints of deep red.

I was on the hunt for a nice natural tone to blend in well with my eyebrows hair and if you read my blog you will notice my hair is red so this eyebrow palette was the perfect edition to my make-up collection. This is a powder formula and very lightweight making it natural looking and long lasting! I apply this using my eyebrow brush to give a light soft finish. The colour is not to pigmented but natural in tone so it blends easy. I love how long this lasts and how easy it is to apply with zero mess! Before turning to powder formulas I used to always use brow pencils and find these give a unrealistic finish making them look harsh and noticeable.

I was eager to try the cream blush collection when I was shopping on the website and really happy I did! After watching lots of YouTube beauty gurus recommend this blush and shade I was more than happy to try it myself. The consistency is very creamy and light not to mention highly pigmented! This is a bright shade applied straight but if you use a blending/blusher brush the colour starts to break down and look more natural. You can also use the cream blushes as an eye shadow if you want and lipstick giving this many uses for your money and the quality really is incredible! The colour lasts all day and even for more oilier skin typed this stays beautifully on the skin and really brightens the face up making you look refreshed and healthy with a nice natural tint. 

A very nice natural shade for those not daring to try the brighter more pigmented shades! This lipstick blends nicely and gives a subtle finish for a nice Spring/Summer shade and great for beginners testing the range before diving into the more "crazy" alternatives. Illamasqua can be notorious for their pigmented products so it's always nice to find something more toned down if you're looking for a nice neutral shade. I do find this lipstick very drying so always make sure to prep my lips using lip balm for extra moisture this then allows the lipstick to glide on smoothly and give a nice finish.

What are your thoughts on Illamasqua products? Have you tried any?

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