Tuesday, May 20, 2014

#Ablogadayforthewholeofmay Day 20 - Anna on Her favourite band

I'll be introducing you to probably my favorite band at the moment. They are a five-piece, all female, English rock band. They recently featured in an MJ Delaney film Powder Room (which is great and worth a watch). The band appeared in the film, performing music they'd written, including some songs created specifically for the film. The band were also responsible for the selection of all other tracks used in the film. 

You can listen: on soundcloud-HERE, on spotify- HERE or on YouTube- HERE

They have a beautiful raw rock sound emphasized by the crazy crashing noisy drums that would sound amazing live and give a rounded shape to the music they play. But the heavy jumpy bass and jerky electric guitar add sharp rough edges that stick out with a grace and feminine confidence in themselves similar to Kate Nash. They convey a huge sense of confidence and assertiveness that comes across so strong it makes you want to shout out of a window along to the lyrics! The vocalist has an amazing tone that I've not heard anything like before, its raw and punchy. The raspy, throaty sounds are grungey and scuzzy with roughed up edges that fit perfectly with the grungey punk rock they play. The tone really makes this band unique and gives them their stamp. Their amazing lyrics also stand them apart from the rest and give them the originality that makes them what they are. They spit out inspirational, wonderful lyrics 10 a penny. 

These girls are just incredible!

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