Thursday, May 01, 2014

April favourites.

From left to right, Essence Natural beauty, Mac creme cup, Benefit sugar bomb, Nyc Individual eyes palette, Sleek eyebrow pencil. 

Seventeen metal top coat in bronze.

Lush Brightside Bubble bar £4.50 //Here//

This was part of the Easter collection, but I think it may have been made permanent but I'm not 100% sure. This smells amazing, it's citrus-y and sweet and very summer-y. This creates so many bubbles and I have been really enjoying using this. I find these are well worth the price as I can get around 6 baths out of each bar. 

Nails inc Wimbledon (Discontinued) 

This was a polish my mum gave me after receiving it in a set at christmas 2012 and I love it, it is a pastel tennis ball green and it is perfect for the spring. If you are desperate to get your hands on this i'm sure you will be able to find it on ebay. 

The Body Shop Coconut hand cleanse gel £2.50 //Here//

This was something that went straight into my handbag after I bought it and I really like using it. It is one of the only hand sanitizers that I have tried that doesn't leave my hands really dry. It also doesn't smell really really strongly of alcohol. 

Mac Cremesheen lipstick Cremecup £15.00 //Here//

This is a lipstick that when I first got it I wasn't to impressed with but I am now in love with it. It's the perfect pinky nude and I can see why everyone raves so much about it, I really like the formula and everything else about it really. It is most definitely a good all rounder. 

Benefit Sugarbomb ultra plush lipgloss £14.50 //Here//

This is one of the only glosses that I have ever really got on with. I hate sticky glosses as do most people. This one is just the perfect consistency, it's not sticky but it gives a little colour and it makes the lips look so plump and healthy. 

Nyc Individual eyes palette in Midtown mauve £3.99 //Here//

If you read the haul in which I showed you these you will know that I picked up two. I expected to like the brown palette more but I am just so in love with the colours in this one. My favourite shade is the baby pink as it's perfect to add a little colour without being in your face. The shadows aren't the most pigmented in the world but they aren't chalky and they blend like a dream. 

Sleek Eyebrow stylist pencil in Dark £5.99 //Here//

On the days when I want a softer brow this pencil is perfect, I have quite dark brows and it is only just dark enough for me so I could imagine people with very dark hair would struggle but otherwise I really am a big fan of this. I don't find it to be to waxy or wet. Which I find some eyebrow pencils can be I mean come on who want's tacky brows! I also really like the fact that it has a spooley on the end. 

Essence long lasting lipstick Natural beauty //Here//

I have no idea how much this was as my lovely German friend sent it to me. I love the colour and the lasting power is really nice for a light lipstick. This is (as much as I hate this cliche) the perfect your lips but better colour. 

L'oreal BB powder £6.99 //Here//

This was a boots 3 for 2 purchase as I would never normally spend seven pounds on a powder but I'm so glad I stumbled across it as it really is the perfect setting powder. It leaves such a silky finish on the skin without looking cakey or messy, It claims to leave the skin with a matte finish for eight hours which is a big claim. I find it leaves my skin matte for about six hours which for me really isn't to shabby. 

Seventeen Off the wall metals nail effects Bronze £3.99 //Here//

This is a little bit of a cheat favourite as I only picked it up a couple of days before the end of april but the minuite I put it on my nails I knew I had to put it in my favourites as it is just so pretty. This is very much like the much loved L'oreal salt and pepper top coat that was released last year but so much better as it contains pieces of rose gold glitter. It looks so stunning over a baby pink polish and I can't wait to wear it more. 

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  1. i love coconut things from The Body Shop!

    great post!
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