Thursday, May 15, 2014

#Ablogadayforthewholeofmay Day 15 - Molly on "The weekend away makeup"

Hello everyone! I am Molly from and am very happy to be guest posting for Nicole today about ‘the-weekend-away-makeup’ as I spent some time in Bristol over the holidays.

When it comes to travelling for a short period of time I don’t actually bring that much makeup with me, shocker! I try and keep it to the bare minimum with maybe some more blush or eye shadow options if I am feeling like a change one day. One thing that doesn’t change no matter where I go is the base – match perfection foundation (in the palest colour, which I swear is still a tad too dark for me) and collection lasting perfection concealer, these two products are non-negotiable for me right now and come with me everywhere. Then for the last face product, I have been using the MUA blush in Bon Bon which is a bit darker than the usual spring blush colours, I’m an autumn gal what can I say.
For eyes you’ll normally see me sporting winged eyeliner, my current favourite being the collection pen eyeliner, but when going away I bring a small neutral eye shadow palette like this one from NYC, which btw has the most perfect pink shimmery lid colour ever. Then my MAC eye shadow in night manoeuvres (which was limited edition, sorry guys) for my brows, ok so this is a satin eye shadow and I know what you’re thinking ‘why is she using that for her brows’ but seriously there is no shimmer in sight when you put this on plus it’s literally the exact colour match for my thick dark eyebrows. Finally I can’t be dealing with lipstick when I’m walking around so I stick to my Burts Bees tinted lip balm for the perfect mix of colour and moisture – amazing.
Thank you for letting me post today!
What makeup do you bring on your weekends away?
Molly xx

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