Wednesday, May 21, 2014

#Ablogadayforthewholeofmay Day 21 - Kenzie on a possible skincare savior

Sometimes does your skin ever just look like you've deprived it of all moisture and love at all, because mine does all the time recently and its becoming the bane of my life. I have super strange skin its combination a bit but I have more dry skin and the occasional appearance of some oil. My nose, chin and between my brows are constantly craving more moisture (the places I get cystic spots) and no matter what I use it has no been cutting it recently and the last thing I want is a breakout on my sensitive skin. HealGel improved my scaring and redness but nothing left me feeling like my face was smooth and hydrated and as if my make-up would glide over my problem areas.

What I decided to do was head back to basics and I mean cheap, accessible and well known, not new on the market what so ever in fact this has been sat on the shelves for all our lives. So whilst on my last shopping tip at uni I found myself staring down the skincare isle in my local supermarket praying I would find a holy grail that would finally cut my face some slack.

Did I find the holy grail... no but I found something pretty close and that is a cream most people will of seen, used or just walked past at some point and that's the good old 'Nivea Creme' this cream came out in 1911 and has just beaten a competitor priced at £105 in a 4 week test to visibly hydrate and improve lines. I had used this way back when I was in secondary school and was burnt to a crisp on my nose thanks to skiing and the local shop only had this that I felt I could trust and I recall it literally working its magic in a moment on the burn, for some reason I never went back to it and I think that's maybe because of its texture.

To explain in a bit more detail my 14 year old self obviously was not to fussed about keeping my skin looking young or what not and found it rather heavy so passed it up probably saying how I cant use it on a daily basis because its heavy duty. This is thick and not my normal kind of thing but I needed something to sleep with on my face I use this in the evening at the end of my skincare routine. A con for some is it becomes slightly oily and your face feels a bit greasy but don't let it put you off because its not a day cream for me, I wake up in the morning wash my face and I feel so happy with the hydration and the look of my skin it somehow evens out my imperfections. The other thing is this was on offer at under £2 for a 200ml pot now they range in price but I've never seen it higher than £4 so I would say go get some if you have a constant 'Skin S.O.S' because its a firm favourite in my book and has been in a lot of women's for over 100 years.

To end I would like to thank the lovely Nicole who offered me the chance to guest post over here on her lovely blog even with all my mad crazy uni life drama ! So thank you to all of her readers who have read my post too...Mucho Love Kenzie xx

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