Sunday, September 24, 2017

Jeffree star Velour liquid lipstick collection

I know some people aren't a fan of Jeffree star but I personally really love his liquid lipsticks. I find them to vary in formula however I love both the thinner and thicker textures. In my collection I don't have any shades which I really dislike however there are some with minor issues however I will go more in-depth in the shade descriptions. The doe foot on these is my absolute favourite, it is one of the dipped applicators meaning that they just fit on the lip so well and make applying super bright and out there shades neatly without a liner underneath. 

Moving onto the shades, I am going to be going from the bottom to the top of the swatches - 

714 (Limited edition Summer 16) - This shade is so bright and something I got a lot of wear out of when I had a tan. It is a white based neon pinky coral which is ever so slightly patchy however it isn't bad considering it's a very heavily white based shade. 

Androgyny (Permanent) - I feel like this is one of the cult shades from Jeffree star. It's a gorgeous deep purple toned nude and is one of my favourite shades to pair with a glam makeup look as it isn't too much or too little. 

Anna Nicole (Permanent) - I bet we can all guess why I bought this shade. It is a stunning slightly orange toned red and is just so gorgeous especially on my super pale skin. 

Butt Naked (Limited edition Summer 17) - This is the most gorgeous very orange toned concealer lip shade. Personally I love a good concealer lip with heavy eye makeup and this is one of the LE shades I hope is made permanent. 

Blue Velvet (Permanent) - This is a stunning true blue shade which I absolutely love wearing with a simple makeup look. I don't really know what else to say about this other than it is gorgeous. 

Calabasas (Limited edition Summer 17) - This is another of my favourite shades from the Summer collection. It is a deep rosy nude shade which is going to be so perfect for autumn. 

Candy Ass (Limited edition Summer 17) - This is a metallic almost rose gold shade which is perfect if you want a nude shade but still want it to be bold this is the perfect shade to go for. 

Celebrity skin (Permanent) - This is a go to basic nude shade for me, it's warm toned pinky nude which for me is the perfect nude. It's pretty much the darker version of I'm nude which is another one of my favourites. 

Checkmate (Limited edition - Christmas 16) - This is the most beautiful  red shade, I feel like this was the perfect shade for a Christmas range and I have got so much wear out of it even over the summer. 

Crocodile tears (Recently made permanent) - This shade is actually extremely wearable despite the fact that it is a super deep green shade. It is such an amazing shade for autumn and I will get so much wear out of it. 

Daddy (Limited edition Manny MUA collab) - This is such a deep slightly cooler nude shade which I have to say I don't use it as much as I should as I do tend to reach for my more warmer toned shades. 

Deceased (Recently made permanent) - This is a purple toned grey shade was a limited edition shade from Christmas 16 however was made permanent and I'm so glad it was as I didn't manage to get my hands on it at Christmas. 

Designer blood (Limited edition Christmas 16) - This is a really deep dark red shade which has micro blue reflects in it. On initial application this isn't visible however once the lips are warmed the shimmer becomes more apparent.

Dreamhouse (Permanent) - This is a gorgeous metallic barbie pink shade which makes such a statement especially with it being metallic.

Drug Lord (Permanent) - This is the best shade for mixing obviously on its own it is pretty patchy on the lips however you can build it up if you want to wear on its own. 

Family Jewels (Limited edition Summer 17)  - This is a very deep autumnal slightly purple toned brown which is going to be so perfect for this time of year. 

Flamboyant (Limited edition Summer 17) - This is a bright coral shade with some shimmer in it. This  feels so comfortable on the lips and isn't glittery like some metallics can be.

Flamethrower (Permanent) - This is a super bright orange shade which does happen to make my teeth look a bit gross however I still love it. 

Gemini - (Permanent) - This is a gorgeous pink toned deep nude, this is one of my go to shades as it is just a super simple lip shade.

Hunty (Limited edition Summer 17) - This is a pale orange toned nude shade which is gorgeous with a really dark smokey eye. 

I'm nude (Permanent) - This is another concealer nude shade, this is a much more pink toned shade than Hunty and again is amazing to pair with a smokey eye. 

I'm shook (Limited edition Manny MUA collab) - This is a gorgeous terracotta orange coral nude shade, it is so gorgeous and one I really wish was permanent. 

Leo (Permanent) - This is like the darker version of Gemini again it's another one of my go to shades from my collection.

Masochist (Permanent) - Masochist is a gorgeous deep raspberry pink. This isn't a shade I reach for a lot but it's one that every time I wear it I absolutely love it. 

Nude beach (Limited edition Summer 16) - This is a very white toned orange peach shade which is a little patchy however with a second layer. 

Posh spice (Permanent) - This one is such a cool toned nude shade and is one of the very few shades I almost slightly regret buying for me I just find cool toned shades don't work for my very pale skin. 

Queen Supreme (Permanent) - This is a very purple toned pink shade and I love it. This is a slightly white based shade so can be a little bit patchy but it is worth building up as it is gorgeous. 

Rose Matter (Permanent) - When I initially purchased this I expected it to be more nude however it came and it was a much more rosy shade as the name may suggest. 

Sagittarius (Permanent) - I find this is actually quite similar to deceased. It is darker and a little more purple. 

Venus Fly trap (Limited edition Summer 17) - This shade is the most ridiculous shade but at the same time I kind of love it. It's the most crazy lime shade which isn't the most wearable but makes an impressive liner. 

Virginity (Limited edition Summer 16) - The final white toned shade this is a lilac shade again a little patchy but a lovely really different shade none the less. 

Watermelon Soda (Limited edition Summer 16) - This is one of my favourites a super bright pink shade, I also wore this on my 18th birthday so it has a special place in my heart. 

Weirdo (Permanent) - This one is a super deep black with an incredibly opaque formula.

You better work (Limited edition Summer 17) - Finally this shade is a very bright orchid purple shade which I really love.

So that's it for today I would love to know what Jeffree star hippies you have in your collection!


  1. Aaaah I cannot believe how many you have! That is so cool! I really want androdgyny! It is such a beautiful shade!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. Wow, that's quite the collection! I've never tried any of his products! xx


  3. Such a shame that they vary in formula! I like to know what I'm buying! But they do sound great, so jealous of your collection!
    Chantelle x
    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  4. Woah you have so many! I love Jeffrees liquid lipsticks, I have a few of those myself. I haven’t bought any in a while though. X

  5. Ah such a good collection! I love Rose Matter x

  6. Do you know I'm not sure you have enough of these hahaha x

  7. Wow!! That's a stash and half right there!

  8. I haven’t tried anything from this brand but I love the packaging and the pigmentation looks great x

  9. You have such a huge collection - I really like the look of Gemini!

  10. Wow you have so many shades, they all look really nice and pigmented. Love that he has so many great and unique shades. Celebrity Skin looks gorgeous, thank you for sharing. Beautiful swatches xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  11. What an amazing collection, I have Watermelon and love it and my daughter has quite a few, her favourite lipstick is 714 :) xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo


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