Friday, September 15, 2017

My current favourite foundation - YSL Touche éclat

So if you are a regular reader you will know I have been searching for the best foundation for my skin type (Which is super super dry if you don't already know). On my search a lot of my favourite bloggers and vloggers who have a similar skin type to me seem to love the YSL Touche éclat so I decided to give it a go.

This is the most glorious dewy foundation, it doesn't stick to any dry patches and sits so beautifully on my dry skin. In terms of the finish this is dewy however it isn't the most dewy foundation I have ever tried which I prefer as t almost feels like it sets down a little better. I find a lot of foundations seem to be drunk up by my skin however I find this sits nicely and isn't drunk up. In terms of lasting power as it isn't drunk by my skin I find it lasts incredibly well getting over 8 hours wear out of it before it starts to feel a little dry.

I love the packaging as it is super simplistic and I feel it just reflects the class of YSL. If you are a regular reader you will probably realise that this looks a lot darker than most of the foundations I buy,  this shade is BD10 which is the lightest shade and it is definitely too dark for me. It is also fairly yellow toned so it can look a little orange on my pale skin if I don't make sure it is blended well down my neck.

I'd love to know if you have given this a go and what you think of it. 


  1. It's great that it doesn't stick to dry skin!! I think I need a tester of this!

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

  2. I love a dewy foundation, I need to go test this one! I love my Nars sheer glow at the moment, have you tried that?

  3. This sounds like exactly what I need! I've been looking up the new Fenty Beauty foundation and was going to pick it up however I'm really considering this one now, I completely forgot about it. I love the way you've described the dewy finish, I'll definitely return back to your blog,
    Zara xx

  4. Wow, this foundation sounds great! Thanks for sharing it with us! I'll definitely look into getting one myself! Great post :-)

  5. Ive never tried this but I love dewy foundation so can imagine I would love x

    Amina xx |

  6. This looks lovely - I agree, the packaging is so simple and classy. 8 hours is quite decent for a foundation. Like you, foundations tend to get drunk up by my skin x

    Claire |

  7. I like the simple packaging. I may have to go in store and see if I can find a shade match!

    Louisa | Loubee Lou Blogs

  8. This is such a cult classic, I've been meaning to try it for ages! I've just bought a new foundation so I think this will be my treat for next month! x

  9. I've never actually tried this foundation. Wonder how it would sit on my skin type - combination.

    Always looking for the perfect foundation! :)

    Shona Marie xo

  10. I remember trying the concealer but not really rating it, but that foundation sounds beaut!

  11. I need to dig my bottle out asap - I really miss this foundation!


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