Friday, September 08, 2017

Jouer Long wear Lip cremes

So I feel like these are everywhere at the moment and I was so happy to find that Beauty bay now stock them. Now my rule when I buy lip products is normally to buy a nude and a deeper shade but after seeing all the gorgeous nudes I couldn't resist picking two of them up, and I will definitely want to expand my collection in the future. 

These are incredibly comfortable on the lips, even applying smoothly when my lips aren't in the best condition. In terms of layering it isn't perfect however they layer the best out of all the liquid lipsticks I have tried. Lasting power wise I wouldn't say they were the most long lasting however I do get a good 4 hours out of them without any fading however after this point they do begin to move from the inner perimeter of the lips. They also deal pretty well with food just wearing in the middle slightly. However anything oily will move these significantly and will need reapplying. 

Left Buff and Right Terra

The shades I picked up where Buff and Terra. Buff is a gorgeous really pale pinky nude. I love this one, it's almost a concealer lip but I really love it. The other shade Terra is a deeper more orange based nude almost terracotta hence the name. Despite it having the orange in it it still has that hint of pink in it.  These do have a really delicious sweet scent so depending on whether you are into that or not. For me this is a definite bonus. These have a standard doe foot applicator which although I prefer the likes of Dose of colours and Jeffree star I am fine with the way these are shaped. They are quite small meaning that you can get a really accurate application which I love. 

Overall I really love these and would highly recommend you give them a go. 


  1. I feel like I'm missing out! I've never tried any Jouer products but I want to try the lip toppers and highlighters as I've heard lots about them. The shade Terra is deffo one of my faves 😍
    Maya x |

  2. Oh my goodness, these both look so beautiful. Loved your post xx


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