Friday, September 01, 2017

Five faves - Benefit

So I've decided I am going to start a new little series on y blog where I show you my favourite products from some of my favourite brands. Today I thought I would kick the series off with benefit. I feel like currently they are completely killing it with the new launches and I cannot wait to give some of their new concealers a go. Now I know that some people will class the boxed powders as one range however I have split them up into individual products. 

So first off I feel like it wouldn't be a Benefit post without mentioning some of their brow products, since the relaunch I feel like they have become known for the brow products they do. Starting off with Gimme brow I had to include this as it is something I have used everyday for about three years this is actually my third tube and it is just about to run out. I love this one to just add a little more texture to the brows after pomade but it is also fab just to add some colour to the brows on a no makeup day. 

The other brow product I wanted to mention is the precisely my brow pencil. This one is super thin and reminds me a lot of my beloved Smashbox brow tech matte pencil. I tend to prefer a smaller brow pencil as I find I can make the brows look really natural. I have both the brow products in Number 5 which is the perfect ashy deep brown shade perfect for dark brunettes who prefer a more ashy brow. 

Moving onto the powders I wanted to mention my three favourites. First off we have the Hoola bronzer which is something I have been obsessed with and is one of the only bronzers I have ever hit pan on. It is a really beautiful neutral tone meaning it doesn't make the skin look ashy or orange. It blends into the skin beautifully meaning it is perfect for us pale gals.

Gimme brow, Brow pencil, Hoola, Galifornia, Dandelion twinkle 
The fourth product is the Galifornia blush. For a start this one smells like coconuts so that gets a tick for me. This is a really beautiful pinky coral shade which I have worn so much over the summer. It doesn't have loads of shimmer like loads of summery pinky coral blushes seem too but it isn't completely matte. It has a beautifully healthy sheen to it and just makes the skin look incredibly healthy and glowy. It did initially have a gold glitter overspray on it however this isn't carried through the entire product so it is definitely less sheeny after a couple of uses. 

Finally my fifth product is the Dandelion twinkle highlight. I love Dandelion blush which is a really subtle pink but I love this even more, this is one of those highlights which is definitely more on the subtle side. A lot like the blush it has a gorgeous glow to it however it doesn't look metallic on the cheeks so it is definitely one that I reach for on a work day as it isn't too intense but does still add some sheen. 

Close misses today have to be the They're real mascara which I must have used at least 5 of and the Professional primer both of which I haven't got in my collection currently (which ti be honest is the biggest reason they didn't end upon here) 

I'd love to know what your favourites from Benefit are? 


  1. Love the Hoola, such a classic bronzer x

  2. I've been wanting to try their brow products and blushes. Great idea for new series!

  3. I adore the hoola bronzer, I've actually hit pan on it which I'm so gutted about. I need to buy another as I love it so much x

  4. I've never tried anything from Benefit but I love the looks of the mascara!
    Robyn //

  5. I love Gimme Brow - I just wish it was a bit bigger! I've always wanted to get the Hoola bronzer so I might just have to invest!

  6. Hoola is one of my go to products, I probably haven't ever used another bronzer! X

  7. I've actually never used anything by Benefit and now I feel dumb! This post is absolutely awesome because they're colors are great and I like what I see. Thanks for sharing.

    Single Vegas Girl

  8. I love the look of Dandelion Twinkle.
    A Sparkle Of Grace

  9. Greats picks here!

    Jessica & James | /


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