Friday, September 29, 2017

Rimmel Stay matte liquid lipsticks

Every band seem to have a range of liquid lipsticks these days and Rimmel are no stranger to that. With their provacalips being some of my favourite liquid lips (I must note they are not matte on initial application only once worn for a couple of hours). I was incredibly excited to give the new Stay matte liquid lips a go however I have to say some of the shades didn't quite hit my expectations. 

In terms of the shades I have I love four of them but two have left me disappointed and unfortunately they are the two I was hoping I would love. Starting off with the packaging I like it. I prefer being able to see the actual product in the tube so I know exactly what shade it is. Applicator wise they have a large doe foot. I personally find it a little too big for my cupids bow and I have to be really careful with it to avoid the duck lips look. 

Moving onto the shades I have, first is Latte to go which is the most stunning peachy concealer lip shade which I am super into at the moment. Unfortunately this is one of the shades I don't look. the formula is mousse like and thick but still seems to lack a little opacity which when I am going for a shade this light is not something I want. I also find this shade doesn't wear as nice as the other five and at the end of the day just looks patchy and messy. 

Next up is Blush which is my favourite shade out of the six I have. It's just the perfect everyday mauve pink shade and is one I have been wearing a lot. The texture of this one is a lot less mousse like and I think for me that makes this shade more enjoyable to wear as it wears evenly like I would expect from a liquid lipstick of this nature. 

Next up is Rose and shine which is basically just a slightly deeper and a little more pink than Blush. For me I would reach for this one more in the summer as it is that more pink tone however I have worn it a couple of times and really love the colour it almost reminds me of Jeffree star Rose matter which is one of my favourite more summery shades. In terms of the formula this one is the same as Blush. 

Another with the same formula is Coral sass which as the name may suggest is a coral shade. This is a fairly muted peachy coral and again is another perfect summer colour. Again this one is very comfortable and wears evenly even though it is a little brighter than the other two colours. 

The final shade I really like is Fire starter. This is a stunning very true red shade which is incredibly opaque on the lips straight away. This has the same very thin less mousse like texture and is probably the one which sets the most matte meaning it really lasts beautifully. Even though it does set incredibly matte it is still very comfortable and is just overall a really cracking red liquid lip. 

Finally we are ending on a little more of a negative note, Blue iris has the potential to be such a gorgeous shade however I just find it has the same formula as Latte to go. it is very thick and not very opaque meaning it just doesn't sit well on the lips. I also find out of the six this is definitely the one which wears the worst which is such a shame as it is the most gorgeous purple toned navy blue. 

I feel like overall these are a super mixed bag in terms of formula and texture. I would suggest if you are going to get them to spend plenty of time testing out the formulas on the back of the hand in store and making sure you are happy with the opacity and texture. 


  1. It's strange that they don't all have the same formula! Some pretty shades here! X

  2. How annoying that the formulas are all over the place - shade wise they are beautiful though :)

  3. I wanted to try the blue but I might give it a miss x

  4. Blush looks so pretty! So I am glad it works well! It really sucks the formula isn't consistant though, so disappointing :(

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  5. Those shades are gorgeous! Weird that they don’t all feel the same. I swatched a few in store but can’t particularly remember what they was all like. X

  6. I love how the swatches have come out but great advice about testing them first! It can be such a mixed bag!

  7. Ooh how odd they have different formulas and how annoying the ones you wanted to like you don't x

  8. Beautiful shades but too bad you are not pleased with every single colour. I stopped wearing liquid lipsticks a few months ago but I ordered some from Colourpop to try since everyone was raving about their liquid lipsticks.


  9. It's such a shame that the formula isn't consistent across the range. I tried the Apocolips when they came out and really wasn't impressed. They dried my lips out so badly. But in general, I love Rimmel's formulas, so I may well give these a try - the shades look stunning! I'll certainly be taking your advice and really paying attention to the formula when swatching. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

  10. That blue shade 😍😍

  11. Ah that's so annoying that a couple left you disappointed! Trust it to be the ones you loved the look of too!!
    Chantelle x
    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf


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