Wednesday, September 06, 2017

No7 Lift and luminate foundation

When it comes to foundations I have two people who I will always trust their recommendations. The first is Jamie Paige and the second one is Kathleen lights. This foundation came as a recommendation from Kathleen and as expected I absolutely love it. 

For a drugstore foundation this isn't the cheapest coming in at £16.50 however I would say it is worth the splurge if you have dry skin. First off I love the packaging as it has one of those pumps which pushes up the product so none gets wasted which I love. I find that it is super sleek and I also like the fact the packaging is plastic as it means when I am traveling and I don't have to worry about it. The texture feels quite thick which isn't like a lot of the foundations for dry skin. 

This means that it offers a really high coverage which again is something that you don't come across very often. The finish on the skin is a more satiny finish than I would normally go for however I really love it. This doesn't fall into any lines under my eyes or any patches of drier skin. Colour wise this one is the shade Calico which is a little more yellow than I would normally go for however I believe this is the lightest in the line and the shade above was too dark. That being said it hasn't put me off using it as it looks stunning on my skin. 

Overall I am obsessed with this foundation and I would highly recommend it for anyone with a more drier skin type. 

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