Saturday, May 04, 2013

Used and abused ~ April

Hello lovelies,
here's my April empties! Enjoy

Soap and glory sugar crush Body butter and Sugar scrub

Oh my I love both of these so much and they've lasted since my birthday to so they've done pretty well.

Repurchase ~ Probably but not to soon in the future.

So many people swear by this but I really didn't see any improvement in my skin at all. Another think that puts me of it is the bottles are tiny, mine only lasted just over two weeks.

Repurchase ~ No most defiantly not. I'll stick to my superdrug tea tree blemish toner thing (makes me sound like such a great blogger)

 L'Oreal elvive colour protect shampoo.
I grabbed this from the pound shop and I don't think its even sold anymore. It's ok I'm not bothered about shampoo as long as it cleans my hair I'm really not bothered.
Repurchase ~ No I think its been discontinued.
This is my favourite hair day in the world. It barely fades and leaves my hair so bright. I just love it so much I just cant put it into words.
Repurchase ~ Always. I think if my hair is red it will be this baby!

Primark reed diffuser ~ Raspberry and papaya.

I really like primark reed diffusers. They smell lovely and this one was no exception. This smelt lovely and sweet.

Repurchase ~ Maybe I'd like to try more scents.

Essence Studio nails anti split base coat

I liked this but it seemed to go gloopy very quickly. It was nice but I didn't find it did anything amazing for my nails.

Repurchase ~ Maybe if I could get it easily. Essence isn't sold in the uk I got this when I went on a school trip to Germany.

Essence stay all day concealer ~ 01 soft beige

I really like this it really covered my under eye circles well and was a really good colour for me.

Repurchase ~ If I could get it yes.

Avon super magnify and astonishing lengths mascaras (I cant find these on the avon website)

These were ok nothing amazing but not to bad. I liked astonishing lengths a little bit more as the super magnify brush was super thin.

Repurchase ~ No I've got plenty of mascaras I like better.

So that's it for another month.



  1. I just recently finished my sugarcrush scrub and had to repurchase, I absolutely love it! I think I'll stay away from the blemish solution, it doesn't sound to great

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    Oh, also I'd love if you'd vote for me in the Company blog awards, best fashion - newcomer, thanks :)

    1. It did nothing terrible but it didn't do anything good either xx


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