Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mua lipstick - Shade 16 Nectar.

Hello lovelies, today I'm going to be reviewing a amazing bargain for you. I present to you Mua Nectar!


This may sound crazy but i'd describe this as a bright pastel orange. The formula is semi matte and it can cling to dry patches if your lips aren't moisturized enough. I like to apply this over a layer of carmex.



 As you can see on the lip swatch above this lipstick can fall into the fine lines and creases of the lips. In terms of wear I find this wears for about 2 hours if you don't eat or drink. This can't stand the wear of eating and leaves you with a attractive orange line around your lips. For £1 i've really found nothing I dislike about it, it was defiantly better than I expected. In conclusion I love this and the colour is beautiful. I really want to try more shades! If anyone has any recommendations I would love for you to leave them in the comments. 

 Till next time 


  1. Hi Cole - I love MUA lipsticks and this looks lovely! :) Have followed you on bloglovin and GFC.

    Here's a link to my blog if you'd like to check it out :) > Beauty and the Bargain

    Melissa x

    1. Thank you lovely I shall pop over now xxx

  2. Pretty, reminds me of Vegas volt by M.A.C...I've got a M.A.C giveaway on my blog at the minute, would love for you to check it out.


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