Monday, May 13, 2013

Top 5 summer lip colours!

Hello lovelies, when I published really didn't expect it to be one of my most viewed posts. So I thought i'd do a post on my top 5 summer lipsticks as you guys seemed to enjoy the blush post so much. 

So here it is. 


Rimmel Kate moss-02 Natural collection Sheer natural-Sand castle Mua Power pout-Justify Seventeen Mirror shine-L.A. Collection Cream puff-3 fairy cake 


Swatches Sand castle - Justify - L.A. - Fairy cake - 02 


 Sand castle..


A very sheer peachy pink perfect for a super natural makeup day. Boots £1.99 (These aren't on the website sorry) 



 A sheer pinky orange adds just a dash of colour to neutral makeup. Full review here Superdrug £3.00 here 



A slight pink tinted sheer red. Perfect for when your not quite braze enough for the bright red lip. (Looks a lot more red in person) Full review here Boots £4.79 here 

 Fairy cake..


 A bright coral matte lip cream, that isn't to drying. Full review here Boots £2.99 here 

and finally 02..


 Rimmel apocalips in apocaliptic in lipstick form. This is a super bright pink. Not for the faint hearted. Boots £5.49 here 

 and thats it all 5 of my top summer lip colours. What lip colour will you be rocking this summer. (if it ever turns up) 


  1. The last lip colour is absolutely gorgeous, I love it!

    Ellen // A little bit Unique // Facebook // Bloglovin


    1. It is although it smudges really easy xx

  2. Nice choices, I'm liking the last two especially, xoxo.

  3. Hi darling, not been blogging for ages (new post explains all) so I said I'd check you out and I must say these colors are fab. I did a post on a 50's photo shoot and been hooked on the makeup style ever since so the brighter the red the better :) so Rimmel for me wins here but with the color being so dramatic I'd really need to take my time putting it on to avoid any mistakes :) x

    1. Well I'm glad your back I love your blog :) x


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