Thursday, May 09, 2013

Top 3 spring/summer blushes.

Hello lovelies,So that’s it we've had 2 days of proper summer here in the UK and it's back to raining again. (sigh) These past couple of weeks i’ve been trying to inject a little colour into my everyday makeup with blush and here are my top 3.

FashionistA - Rose thrill Rimmel – Santa rose Dainty doll – My girl

From the top Rose thrill Santa rose My girl

FashionistA Rose thrill
This is one bright blush; it looks quite terrifying in the pan and doesn’t look that great swatched but when blended man is it beautiful. It gives a super natural flush. Although you have to use so little and blend really well or you look like a clown.
Rimmel Santa rose This blush is so hyped its one of those that most beauty bloggers/readers/beauty youtubers own. It’s such a pretty peach and looks fantastic on paler complexions. This isn’t 100% matte but the amount of shimmer is barely visible. This the most natural of the 3 and is perfect for chucking on as it doesn’t really matter if you don’t blend it to well or its not applied perfectly.
Dainty doll My girl Well if you read/watch beauty people you’ve probably heard about these baby’s being sold cheap on sites such as fragrance direct and amazon. This is the baby pink from the range. I would describe this as sheeny rather than shimmery. The way it catches the sunlight is just so beautiful. I’ve tried this on people with darker skins and it looks just as amazing.

Swatches blended

From the top My girl Santa rose Rose thrill

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  1. Ooo I love the dainty doll blush! Lovely spring picks :) xx

  2. That Rimmel blush is lovely x

  3. they look like really lovely blushes

  4. That fashionista blush is gorgeous, I've never tried anything from that brand but I might need to give it a go! xx

    1. I'd highly recommend their blushes and eyeshadows xx


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