Saturday, May 04, 2013

Brand interviews #2 Little nails

Hello lovelies,
today I have another brand interview for you. After finding lizee's blog I checked out her etsy shop Here and just had to get in touch. Here's what she had to say.
Why did you start little nails?
I used to receive quite a few compliments on my day-to-day nails & nail art (especially from customers when I was working on the till point in my first retail job!).  I'd never realised how much people appreciated my designs until this and once I left my last job, I had a lot more time on my hands.  It was then that I decided I'd love to have my own shop!

Do your nails reflect your personal style?
I'd like to think so -- I incorporated neon colours into my nail art patterns recently, in-keeping with the current neon trend.  I LOVE anything neon and to be able to combine this colour scheme with leopard print/florals/studs is just perfect.
Where do you get your inspiration from? 
I absolutely love WAH Nails -- the nail artists are SO talented.  I'm constantly in awe of their nail designs over on their Instagram page.  They really inspire me to push my designs even further so that the false nails I sell are really different from what is already available in high street stores or nail salons.

Any tips for budding young nail designers? 
I would 100% recommend investing in a set of nail art pens!  I used to initially buy black and white nail pens from eBay for around £2.00 including delivery and they made designs so much easier to create.  I think Rio Beauty's nail pens are excellent too -- I use their 'neon' set for most of my work!  I think it's also worth mentioning, lots of people say to me 'you must have steady hands' -- CERTAINLY NOT.  I actually used to be on medication for a nervous tremor, so it just goes to show, even us girls with shaky hands can still get into nail art -- if you have an idea, just practice it on a nail wheel first before applying it to your own nails!

What's your favourite set of nails that your currently selling?
Hands down, my 'Pastel Bows & Polka Dots False Nail Set' is the winner.  I love making 'kawaii' sets and the little glittery bows are such a cute finishing touch.  I'm going to be making more kawaii nail sets in the near future -- expect lots more cute stick-on details!  Second to this set, I'm really proud of my 'Mint Green Cath Kidston Floral False Nail Set', the colours just compliment each other so well & it's a one-off set.

Where did you get the name little nails from?
I have very narrow/small nails and I just thought 'Little Nails' summed this up.  It's just a simple, girly name.  My shop was initially called 'Dainty Talons' but I much preferred 'Little Nails' in the end!

And finally sum little nails up in 5 words!
Girly - Affordable - Kawaii - Cute - Kitsch
So that's it I really hope you pop over to lizee's etsy shop and check out her designs.


  1. Wow, will definatley check her shop out!
    .Georgina Clare.


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