Thursday, April 14, 2016

Life ¦ Getting my revision on

So it's less than two months till the first A level exams and I have spent the majority of my time lately with my head stuck in a text book. I know that a lot of you lovely people have also got exams so today I thought I would have a little chat about revision. I am in no way an expert here but I though I would talk about some of the things that I find really work for me.
Mind maps.
Mind maps are something that I find really work for me however I do understand how some people don't find that they work for them. I like to use them as I find they are the best way to organise things and keep topics together. Especially for my Biology revision I find they are super clear and easy to look over and scan.
Revision cards.
I like to have cards stuck around my room of key points that I feel like I really need to remember. I think this is really useful as I find myself subconsciously reading them. For example I have some things stuck on my mirror which I read while getting ready. When I did my GCSE'S I had little cards stuck all over the house and I found it to be so useful.
Something I find really helps is adding lots of colour my work. I use colours to pick out key words and I find that when I'm reading my work it really helps when it comes to remembering key parts. (It also looks really pretty)
Don't panic.
Now this one is easier said than done and I should definitely practice what I preach however I found that last year I got so wound up it meant that I was avoiding revision in turn meaning that I put even more pressure and stress on myself.
So that's it for today's post if you have any revision tips of your own I'd love for you to leave them in the comments. 

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  1. Colours used to be my revision must, also making up little songs to remember key facts :)
    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog


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